Top 5 Benefits of Soaking Feet at Home Every Night

Do you work on your feet all day? If you do, there’s a good chance that your feet need some loving when you come home from a long day at work. Have you ever pampered your feet at the spa? If yes, then you know how lovely it feels, however, there is the cost factor.

Below, you’ll learn the benefit of soaking feet at home, how to do it, and some useful accessories that make the experience that much better. In other words, there are better options than simply filling a bucket with warm water and soaking your tired, achy feet in it.

1) Stress Relief

The main benefit of a relaxing foot soak is stress relief. To get the most out of your foot soak and to truly relieve stress, it’s imperative to add epsom salt to your foot soak water. Unlike table salt, epsom salt is high in magnesium and an excellent ingredient for relaxing the muscles in your feet.

To use epsom salt, simply add 1/2 cup of epsom salt to your soak water and allow it to completely dissolve for about ten to fifteen minutes. Once dissolved, you’re ready to go. In addition to providing stress relief, a good epsom salt soak will help to treat/prevent toenail fungus, soften skin, ease pain, and even prevent athlete’s foot.

All in all, you can’t go wrong by adding epsom salt to your soak water.

2) Arthritis Relief

If you’re serious about relieving arthritis pain, then it’s wise to invest in a good foot spa for arthritis. Unlike a simple basin, a foot spa is more feature-packed. Several of the features you’ll find in a foot spa are rolling massagers, massaging bubbles, and heat. As mentioned in the introduction, a foot spa for home use is one way to save money compared to paying for a spa treatment.

Additionally, you’ll find that adding epsom salt to your spa water enhances the benefits by providing additional pain relief. Lastly, when choosing a foot spa for arthritis, it’s important to check whether it provides a mild or intense massage because it’s better to stay on the milder side to avoid discomfort.

3) Aromatherapy

One of the greatest benefits of soaking feet is the ability to add essential oils to your soak water. Do you already have a favorite essential oil? Then, feel free to add it to your soak water to boost the overall experience and make it more relaxing.

If you’re unsure which oils are right for you, lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus are all great places to start. If you’re battling a case of foot or nail fungus, tea tree can work wonders by inhibiting the growth of Trichophyton rubrum (T. rubrum), a common type of fungus that affects the feet.

In addition to providing topical benefits, aromatherapy invigorates your senses through its mystical scents. Chances are that once you start adding essential oils to your soak water, you’ll fall in love with the idea.

4) Exfoliation

Are your feet in need of dead skin removal? There’s almost nothing more unattractive than dry, cracking heels. One of the main benefits of choosing a foot bath massager is that it usually includes a pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin during your soak, and there’s no better time to exfoliate than when your feet are softened during your soak.

By exfoliating the parts of your feet that are in major need of it, you’ll uncover the softer skin that’s just waiting to emerge. In the end, you have more beautiful and softer feet with fresh skin. Never again will you feel embarrassed to wear sandals because of your cracking feet.

In addition to exfoliating dead skin, you’ll also find that a warm foot soak is beneficial for removing stubborn calluses and corns. For corn removal, add apple cider vinegar to your soak water for best results.

5) Improve Circulation

Last but certainly not least, a foot soak is a great way to improve blood circulation. To get the most from this benefit, always add epsom salt to your soak water and use extra warm water that’s not too hot.

The benefits throughout the body of improved blood circulation go without saying, and this is the perfect benefit to experience before bed each night. The next morning, you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day.


These are just five of the top benefits of soaking feet at home. If you’re someone who suffers from foot issues such as arthritis or fungus, you’re bound to experience relief by soaking your feet each night. Plus, there’s no limit to what’s possible with a foot soak so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Essential oils, epsom salt, and vinegar are all your best friends. Plus, if you’re interested in soaking your feet more than a couple of time a week, then investing in a home foot spa will more than likely pay for itself. Especially, if you pay to use the services at a professional spa.

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