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Some of the players still available during the free agent may be as good as the players who signed in in the first wave of last week.

Many are still available due to their age and history of injuries. However, many of them can still be influential NFL players.

In fact, if the team’s quarterback is good enough, the quality and ability of the players who can still sign may be talented enough to build playoff candidates.

Take a look at the best players who are still looking for a new team as of Sunday.

Offensive Tackle Terron Armstead — Saints rarely let the players they want to keep. It explains why Armstead is still on the market a week later. This 30-year-old has consistently been one of the best tackles in football since joining the league in 2013, but has fought a number of injuries, including his knee injury he played in 2021. rice field.

Safety Tyrann Mathieu — Matthew’s knack for being consistently around the ball has led to two consecutive Pro Bowl seasons in Kansas City. The fact that the Chiefs signed another security indicates that he is moving forward and will probably try to land with the title candidate.

Pass Rusher The Delias Smith — Smith is the power of the Packers, who recorded 26 sack in the 2019 and 2020 seasons, but due to a back injury he played only one match in Green Bay last year. If a 29-year-old person medically checks out, he could steal a 2022 free agent class. But everyone is wondering why the deal with Ravens didn’t take place last week.

Linebacker Bobby Wagner — Wagner has produced over 100 tackles for 10 consecutive seasons and was released last season to create a cap space after hitting a career record of 170 at the Seahawks. He may not be an elite player in the past, but Wagner is a solid choice for teams looking for an experienced and instinctive playmaker.

Pass Rasher Jadebeon Crowney — Former Pro Bowler has won a total of 9 bags in 3 of the last 4 seasons and recorded 41 bags in 97 games played in the last 8 seasons. He will be 29 this season. This means that more production could be made from this previous No. 1 overall pick.

Receiver Jarvis Laundry — This five-time professional bowler has been one of the NFL’s premier slot receivers for most of his eight-year career. The 29-year-old recorded 42 touchdowns with 688 receptions and 40 carries, but last year’s injury-affected season was unusual and needed to prove not a new standard. I have.

Center JC Trettor — Tretters have started all but one match in the last five seasons and are the leaders in Browns’ powerful rush attack. This Cornell product has recently turned 31 and still has the skills and leadership needed to help improve its attack line.

Offensive Tackle Trent Brown — Brown has been successful on both the left and right sides of the attack line. Even if he has his share of the loss, he can move people in a run game. He has been one of the best pass-blocking tackles in the league for the past few years, but his weight and concerns about injury have slowed the free agent process.

Linebacker Anthony Barr— With 72 tackles, 2.5 sack, 2 fumbles and 3 passcuts in 11 games last season, the bar is a versatile linebacker that fits into any scheme. He was limited by a knee injury last season, but since he was just 30 years old, he was able to stay productive for a few more seasons.

Receiver Cole Beasley — The Beasley is one of the NFL’s most complete and savvy slot receivers. He has caught 82 passes in each of the last two seasons and made 231 catches with 2,438 yards and 11 touchdowns during his three-year tenure at Buffalo. If he gets with proper quarterbacks and attacks, he has the potential to become a dynamic playmaker.

Safety Marcus Williams — Williams is a stable, balanced free safety for Saints, reducing 15 intercepts in the first five seasons. This 25-year-old player has a nose to cover the ball, but he had his best season against last season’s run.

Defensive Harness Akiem Hicks — The 32-year-old has been stuffing for the past five seasons and was also able to produce 40.5 sack in the 138 games he played. He fought his groin and ankle injuries last year and was limited to nine games.

Linebacker Dont’a High Tower — His 18 quarterback pressure ranked fourth among off-ball linebackers last season. Hightower is 32 years old, but his body is relatively preserved, so he took a break from the 2020 season. The problem is that when they leave New England, the prominence of most patriots burns up.

Hand over the rusher tray flowers — Flowers has played 14 games in the last two seasons and donated just 10.5 sack in three seasons with the Lions who released him last week. At the age of 28, he needs to find a good plan to prove that he is still a strong outside linebacker.

Tail Buck Leonard Fournette — Fornet scored 812 rushyards at the Buccaneers last season and recorded 10 touchdowns. However, his injury limited production and play time at the age of 27. He’s only 26 years old, so he has the talent to rush to attack the NFL team.

Offensive Tackle Duane Brown — Brown, who made his fifth Pro Bowl last season, has been a solid and reliable start tackle for the Texans and Seahawks for the past 14 seasons. The 36-year-old has a variety of schemes, and he may have one or two seasons left to start.

Offensive Tackle Eric Fisher — Fisher, who won first place in the 2013 NFL Draft, proved that the season with Colts was decent and that Achilles, torn in the 2021 playoffs, wouldn’t hurt his career. However, each team must ask how many more 31-year-old players have started.

Tailback Melvin Gordon — Gordon scored 918 rushyards and recorded 10 touchdowns at Broncos, sharing the backfield with rookie Javonte Williams. The 28-year-old, who has an average of 4.2 yards per attempt in his career, still has the talent to carry the team’s hasty attacks.

Linebacker Kwon Alexander — Alexander was an early force at the Buccaneers, but injuries have undermined his performance until this past season. The 27-year-old contributed to 50 tackles, a 3.5 sack record, one fumble coercion, one fumble recovery, and one intercept reduction in 12 games he played for Saints. ..

Cornerback Patrick Peterson — One of the best cornerbacks of the last decade, Peterson wanted to revive his career with a fresh start in Minnesota, but his tenure at Viking was overwhelming. He was affected by an injury last season, but at the age of 32 it may be time to consider his transition to safety.

Cornerback Stephon Gilmore— The 2nd All-Pro and 5th Pro Bowler are no longer the most feared cornerbacks in the NFL. However, the 31-year-old, who started three of the eight Panthers games last season, was able to use the 11th season to prove he wasn’t losing a step.

Receiver Jamison Clouder — The 28-year-old veteran is a reliable slot receiver that is neither big nor fast. However, he was experienced and started 51 games, pulling down the 409 reception with 4,607 yards and 28 touchdowns in seven seasons.

Pass Rusher Jason Pierre Paul — Pierre-Paul is still flashing and has recorded at least two quarterback pressures in six of the nine games last season, but the injuries are starting to catch up a bit. He’s been in his 12th year, so his days as a 1,000-snap defensive lineman are over.

Offensive Tackle Nate Solder — Solder returned after opting out in 2020, shifting to the right tackle for the first time since the 2011 rookie season, recording over 900 snaps. At this point, it’s best to think of it as a swing tackle when you’re about to turn 34.

Defensive Lineman Curry Campbell — At this point in Campbell’s 14-year career, the only thing missing is the Super Bowl Ring. He’s probably trying to catch title candidates and should be able to help them based on his recent work at the age of 35. In 15 games against the Ravens last season, Campbell had a total of 49 tackles (5 losses), 16 pressures, 12 quarterback hits and 1.5 sack.

Receiver Julio Jones — Jones caught 31 passes in one season with the Titans with 434 yards and one touchdown. There, he was limited to 10 games due to a persistent injury to the hamstring. The 33-year-old is no longer the NFL’s most dominant receiver, but he could still be productive if he could maintain his health and get a proper quarterback.

Tight End Jared Cook — Cook has recorded the fifth consecutive season with at least 35 receptions and 500 receiving yards, so he still has a consistently productive tight end. The 35-year-old caught 48 passes at 564 yards and recorded four touchdowns at the Chargers last season.

Tieback Marlon Mac — Mack hits a free agent at the age of only 26 and can interrupt big play at any time. Mack tore Achilles in 2020, but he wasn’t active this past season just because he passed the depth chart. But that doesn’t mean he still can’t lead the team in a hurry.

Defensive Harness Endam Kang Sue – Sue may not be the same dominant force as he was prime minister, but he may want to continue as the 35-year-old still managed 37 quarterback pressures with over 700 snaps. not. Last year he donated 27 tackles and 6 sack to the Buccaneers.

Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. – Beckham’s match against Rams proves that he is clearly a dynamic playmaker and his poor performance in Cleveland is more related to quarterback pitching than his talent level. I did. However, breaking the ACL in the Super Bowl could put him in the face of 9-12 months of rehab, putting pressure on the market.


Top 30 Free Agents NFL Team Shopping for Help – Reading Eagle

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