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Don’t expect clarity from Julius Randle’s Knicks.

Following WFAN’s report that Randall requested a trade this week, Tom Thibodeau avoided asking about Randall’s commitment to the team.

“Yes, as a coach, you coach the players you have,” Tibodo said when asked, as far as he knows, if Randall wants to be with Knicks. “And you love them all. And I do. If you play for me, I love you. It’s so easy. The challenges for us are each other. Is to make the most of. “

When Randall threw the ball on Monday and left his celebrating teammates after defeating the Bulls, it became unanswered, following Randall’s recent frustration / anger display.

When asked directly about WFAN’s report that Randall requested a deal after the match on Monday, Tibodo said: are you serious? here we go. You know I’m not going to respond to anything like that anyway. Let’s be real. “

Randall seems reluctant to demand a trade right after the game, but Randall is clearly frustrated. He fought the fan base and target referees throughout the season and won the best 12 technicals of his career.

It’s a very different environment than last season, when Randall was New York’s beloved and led Knicks to his first playoffs since 2013.

“See, it’s different every year. We face a variety of new challenges,” says Thibodeau. “There’s a lot of things. This year wasn’t like last year. I hope we can finish it the same as last year. Things are always changing. They change quickly from really good to bad. You can, and you can quickly change from not as good as you want to to be great.

“Just keep going. I think it fits the turf. You’re going to get a lot of credit. You have a lot of responsibility. That’s the way it works here. Stay focused and come the next day. Just keep working. “

Randall did not mention the media after the match on Sunday. He cannot trade until the end of the season, but his four-year maximum extension starting next season complicates potential trading. Tibodo once again danced around his angry All-Star theme, but praised the fan base who was enthusiastic about Randall this season.

“This is a great place to play in the league and I was almost everywhere,” said Tibodo. “So I’m talking from experience. This place is special. Fans are passionate. We know what basketball means for this city. Something we are proud of. Must give. We must come out, we must play hard, we must play for each other, I We have to play wisely.

And then you can lose the game and play well, “continues the coach. “Remember, the other teams are pretty good. Last year was a different, different year. I had never been infected with COVID last year, but this year I was infected with COVID. So there’s a lot to go into it, but you have to keep fighting it every day, and it’s there. “


Tom Thibodeau avoids questions about Julius Randle’s commitment to the Knicks – Reading Eagle

Source link Tom Thibodeau avoids questions about Julius Randle’s commitment to the Knicks – Reading Eagle

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