Tom Gimbel quits foreigner | Music

Foreign multi-instrumentalist Thom Gimbel has left the group.

Jeff Pilson, bassist of the “I want to know what love is” group, identified a 61-year-old star who played rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, saxophone and flute during a 30-year hard stunt. .. The rock group bowed from the tour.

Jeff told Rocking with Jam Man about a band that sometimes plays gigs without frontman Mick Jones. Music is so strong that we focus more on music than on staff, which gives us an advantage in our later years. You can turn without Mick. I think it’s kind of cool. “

And when asked if Tom was the longest-serving member of the group, he replied: “Besides Mick Jones, yes. [But] Mick doesn’t do all the shows with us.When doing so [Mick’s] Not playing, Tom [the longest-serving member]..

“But Tom is actually going to leave the band. He has some experience. That is, he’s ready to get off the road someday, so maybe I’ll be the longest serving member. Probably. “

Tom first joined a foreigner in 1992, then briefly joined Aerosmith and returned to the “Waiting for a Girl Like You” group in 1995.

Tom Gimbel quits foreigner | Music

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