Tokyo could be hit by a typhoon during the Olympics

The COVID-19 pandemic has already overcome a year’s delay and is trying to juggle the safety of athletes and spectators, but the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics may have another hurdle, the hurricane.

The Western Pacific has hurricane seasons, similar to the Atlantic Basin, but they call the tropical system a typhoon. The Western Pacific is actually the most active basin in the world with typhoons, producing some of the most intense tropical systems in the world on record. Typhoon Haiyan, which killed thousands in 2013, blew a sustained wind of 195 mph.

The· Joint Typhoon Warning Center The National Hurricane Center in the Western Pacific. Currently, meteorologists are monitoring two active tropical systems, neither of which is heading for Japan.

A storm that could disrupt the 2021 Tokyo Olympics early next week has not yet formed, making it more difficult to predict and track. This is what we believe one of our best computer models may happen in the next few days.

European model Thursday afternoon forecast (Friday morning, Japan time)
Sunday afternoon forecast (Monday morning Japan time), showing typhoons that may occur in the warm waters southeast of Tokyo (European model)
Monday noon forecast showing possible typhoon approaching Tokyo in Japan (early Japan time on Tuesday) (European model)
Enlarged view of the possibility of a typhoon approaching Tokyo on Monday afternoon (Tuesday morning, Japan time)

With the possibility of a typhoon not yet occurring and the potential impact on the Tokyo Olympics still five days away, it is nearly impossible to predict the exact course, intensity and impact of the Olympics.

Tokyo could be hit by a typhoon during the Olympics

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