Titusville residents deal with the aftermath of recent floods

City leaders in Titusville are reaching out to their neighbors affected by the recent floods while the inhabitants continue to clean up.

We talked to the residents of Titusville about the aftermath of the flood.

Floods in Titusville have damaged the homes of many inhabitants. Titusville city leaders said they are working to help those who deal with the aftermath.

The Crawford County Emergency Services Coordinator is also funding.

“For $ 400- $ 500, we can provide residents with many rooms that may be eligible for insurance deductions, which will be done through the Titusville Redevelopment Authority.” Said John Crouch, Mayor of Titusville.

The Titusville city manager said he was doing everything he could to help the population, such as renting a street cleaner from Butler County to help clean up the debris.

“There’s an additional sweeper out. We’ve been doing that for a few weeks. Whatever you need to clean the streets and sidewalks. Our fire department has to hose the streets and sidewalks. We have placed an extra crew member, said Neil Fratus, Mayor of Titusville.

On a flood night, the operation of the church looked very different. A resident of Titusville said the water was too high to get home.

“I hurried home and stopped at the end of the street, but I couldn’t climb the street because the water was still flowing to the depths of my knees,” said James McCaddy, a Titusville resident.

McCardy said his garden was flooded on July 17th and 20th. A recently lowered black top moved his property down and the fence down.

Despite all the destruction, McCardi said the residents of Titusville were attentive to each other.

“This community always gets together when there are people in need. Titusville is always somehow gathered,” McCardi said.

City officials discussed dam ideas for limiting floods, but tests revealed that it was impossible.

The quest for a solution is still underway.

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Titusville residents deal with the aftermath of recent floods

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