Tips To Diagram Your Business Process Like a Pro

A business process is a series of steps executed by shareholders to obtain a goal. Processes are an essential key for any business and help designate tasks and activities to individuals within the organization. That’s why a process flow diagram is important for companies.

What is a process flow diagram?

A process flow diagram illustrates the organization of tasks, personnel, and materials needed to execute a specific process. It is a diagram representation of a business process.

What are the benefits of using a process flow diagram?

Creating a process flow diagram will generally help your employees visualize the flow of your business processes. Below are the specific benefits of creating such a diagram.


Business processes should be documented to improve performance and track the progress of a company. It also helps administrators manage employee performance and development.


Documenting business processes through diagrams lets the business focus on the actual implementation without the risk of inconsistency and noncompliance.


People are visual by nature. Diagramming your process simplifies steps and provides a handy guide for both shareholders and employees.


Creating a visual representation of steps in a process makes it easier for companies to monitor, identify, and get rid of repeated activities. This leads to filtering tasks and maintaining only those that are relevant and useful.


When using flowcharts, work delegation is easier and tasks are sequentially performed with minimal intervention and monitoring, thus, making the organization more productive.

What are the qualities of a good process flow diagram?

There are two important qualities of a good process flow diagram.

Well Defined

A good process flow chart has a distinct starting point and endpoint. Processes are a series of steps. Therefore, it is important to have a clearly defined starting point.

The starting point guides readers on where to begin and makes the following steps a lot easier to follow. It also serves as the foundation of a process.


A good process flow diagram can be updated when needed. As time goes by, improvements will be made. Flowcharts should be specific but, at the same time, general enough to be updated.

Here are the tips on how to make a process flow diagram.

Although flowcharts are known to visually communicate difficult processes and ideas, poorly made flowcharts can be confusing. Use these tips to create effective process flow diagrams for your business.

1. Be consistent.

Consistency improves efficiency and quality. As much as possible, always maintain the same shape, font, size, and proper spacing.

2. Stay on one page.

Flowcharts are readable, concise, and easily understood. A multi-page chart defeats the purpose of diagrams. Extending the process flow to a couple more pages decreases the reader’s attention span and increases confusion.

3. Start from left to right.

A data flow diagram starting from left to right makes it easier to read and understand.

4. Color them wisely.

You may use different colors for your diagram as this can help the reader differentiate one step from another. Also, when used right, color variation can be used to symbolize the importance of a specific step or its level of difficulty.

Having the same colors for all steps also has its benefits. This easily indicates that these series of steps are closely related to each other. If there are steps that require the individual to return to the previous step, using the same colors can prevent confusion.

5. Keep it simple.

Keeping your charts simple averts distractions and provides clarity. The main purpose of using process flowcharts in business processes is to provide an effective guide for employees and shareholders. Avoid using unnecessary and inaccurate elements to prevent disorder.

6. Create flowcharts online.

If you do not know how to make a process flow diagram, take advantage of online diagram makers that are free. Venngage is an online graphic maker that offers a wide range of flow diagrams. From a simple flowchart to a more detailed process flow diagram, Venngage has the templates..

This online tool is both time-saving and cost-effective. Predesigned templates provide you with all the proper elements and the correct format. All you have to do is gather all the necessary data you need, sign up for free, select the template design that suits you best, add your details, do a little tweaking, and you are good to go.

Plus, Venngage gives you access to a number of colorful and artistic layouts. Using their templates is like hitting two birds with one stone; catch their attention and make them understand the whole process that you are trying to deliver.

Business processes are there to make sure that the company’s resources are put to good use. To achieve goals, each and every step must be defined, known, and delivered.

Determine your business goals, plan the process, and create a process flow diagram with Venngage today!

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