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Times-up CEO Tina Tchen resigns after Cuomo’s scandal | Nationwide

New York (AP) — Time’s Up CEO and President Tina Tchen reveals that the leader of a sexual harassment victim advocacy group advised the administration of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after being accused of sexual harassment. I resigned on Thursday.

In a statement posted on Twitter, former Chief of Staff Michelle Obama said, “I had a career fighting for positive changes in women,” but at this point, organizations in the #MeToo era. Was not the right person to lead. ..

“I am particularly aware that my position in command of TIME’SUP is a painful and disruptive focus, where women and others need to work together to fight for change. Activists are fighting each other in a detrimental way instead, “she says. I have written.

Monifa Bandele, who left Moms Rising and became Chief Operating Officer of Time’s Up in October, will serve as interim CEO.

Chen’s resignation Departure of Roberta Takaplan, He resigned as chairman of the board on August 9. After months of resisting his call for resignation, Cuomo himself resigned earlier this week.

An independent investigation, supervised by the Attorney General of New York, culminated in reports concluding that Cuomo had sexually harassed at least 11 women. According to the report, Cuomo’s top aide Melissa Delosa sent a letter to her lawyer Kaplan for review, trying to undermine the credibility of his first public accusator, Lindsey Boylan. rice field.

“MS. Kaplan allegedly read a letter to the head of advocacy group Times Up and suggested that the letter would be okay without a statement about the interaction between Mr. Boylan and his male colleague.” Stated.

Chen had resisted her call for expulsion for weeks, but said Thursday that it was time for her to “resign and continue to work for change in other ways.”

Boylan opposed Chen’s characterization of what led to her resignation and accused Chen of continuing to be “not responsible for the harm she caused.”

“We are not fighting. We are not confused,” Boylan tweeted. She echoed another Cuomo accusator, Charlotte Bennett. He compares Chen to a shameful Democrat and says, “I’m going out like the former governor. I’ll list her achievements, point my fingers at others, and try to justify her unforgivable behavior. bottom. .”

Carrie Goldberg, who represented one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusations, also found an error in Chen’s remarks.

“It’s inaccurate to say that activists / women are fighting each other,” she tweeted. “Rather, it’s a trench survivor, tired of the power brokers doing closed-door transactions and accumulating control.”

The downfall of Weinstein, fueled by the explosive revelations announced at the New York Times and New Yorkers in October 2017, directly led to the establishment of the Times Up in January 2018. Actresses Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria — signed an open letter from television powerhouse Shonda Rhimes to establish them as founders.

Its remarkable debut continued with the Golden Globe Awards that month. There, participants wore black and sported the Time’s Up pin to draw attention to the gender equality movement.

Attorney Tchen was formerly an assistant to President Barack Obama and secretary-general of the White House Women’s and Girls Council. She co-founded the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in 2017 with Kaplan and two other women. This fund was established to support the legal costs of survivors. Raised nearly $ 22 million in less than a year after its founding.

This is not the first time an advocacy group has been involved in leadership issues.Chen took command in 2019 after former WNBA chairman Lisa Borders resigns as president and chief executive officer Following allegations of sexual misconduct against her own son.

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Times-up CEO Tina Tchen resigns after Cuomo’s scandal | Nationwide

Source link Times-up CEO Tina Tchen resigns after Cuomo’s scandal | Nationwide

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