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TikTok Star Acquits Double Murder in San Diego | Nationwide

San Diego (AP) — A TikTok star with nearly a million online followers pleaded not guilty to shooting his newly estranged wife and man with him last week in a skyscraper in San Diego on Monday.

Prosecutors went to her apartment and shot dead when Ali Abravan secretly installed a listening device on her five-year-old daughter’s tablet device and heard her wife and another man talking. Said. Union Tribune report.

After the shooting, Abravan, still armed, picked up his daughter from school, said Deputy District Attorney Taren Blast.

Details were revealed during the San Diego County High Court’s indictment against Abravan. Abravan pleaded not guilty to allegations of special circumstances for two murders and multiple murders.

Brast said outside the courtroom that 29-year-old Abulaban is a TikTok star known as Jinn Kid and has more than 940,000 followers on social media apps. His account features a comedy kit from the 1983 movie “Scarface” and spoofing the character Tony Montana.

Abulaban’s lawyer did not comment on the allegations during the trial.

Police identified the victims as Ana Abravan, 28, of San Diego and Rayburn Cadenas Baron, 29, of National City.

About 20 family members and friends of the two victims filled the court. Some of them sobbed as Blast shared details that he was killed in San Diego’s East Village district last Thursday.

According to Blast, Ali Abravan confessed to the detective and accused his wife of having an affair, but prosecutors said he believed Baron was a friend.

According to Brest, Anna Abravan asked her husband to move on October 18. He checked in at the hotel.

Three days later, Blast said Ali Abravan sneaked into the apartment and dumped it in the trash while his wife was gone. He also installed a listening app on his daughter’s iPad.

A few hours later, Mr. Blast said Abravan was listening to the app when he heard his wife and man talking and laughing, and he returned to the skyscrapers. Security camera videos showed him running out of elevators to the apartment.

According to Blast, Abravan shot his wife’s head after shooting Baron three times. Abravan then called his mother and confessed, Blast said.

After picking up his daughter, he called the police while driving and was arrested 45 minutes later. His daughter was in the car.

Judge Kimberly Lagotta ordered Abraban to be imprisoned without bail. The judge also issued a protective order requiring Abulaban to leave his daughter, who is being cared for by his family.

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TikTok Star Acquits Double Murder in San Diego | Nationwide

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