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South Florida Sun-Sentinel continues its 10-part series, seeing the top outlook for the next NFL Draft (April 28-30) at the tight end. The class has some perspectives that need to be drafted. The Miami Dolphins will find a formidable outlook on their first pick at number 102, where they can compete for a role in either the late third round pick or the fourth round choice.

Trey McBride, Colorado

McBride caught 164 passes at 2,100 yards and recorded 10 touchdowns. It has the skills of an elite ball and the agility you need to play against NFL linebackers. He works hard as a blocker, which gives him a chance to be a three-down tight end. But he has an average speed and it’s not elusive to have the ball in his hand.

Ohio State University Jeremy Luccat

This balanced tight end was not fully utilized in Backeyes attacks. He caught only 54 passes in four seasons with 615 yards and 12 touchdowns. He is a high motor player who can handle inline blocking and has enough athletic ability to pull away from the defender.

Jake Ferguson in Wisconsin

Ferguson is a reliable and reliable target, with some improvement in route execution and inline blocking. He has won 1,618 yards and 145 passes in 13 touchdowns in 47 games he has played in the last four seasons. He has a soft hand and is more talented than a blocker that gets in the way for the right scheme.

UCLA’s Greg Dulchitch

Dulcich exerts the ability to exert vertical pressure on the defense and follows the savvy routes needed to perform well in the NFL. He was excellent in the last two seasons at UCLA, playing at Chip Kelly’s offense, catching 68 passes in 18 games and turning to 1,242 yards and touchdowns.

Most likely coastal Carolina Isaiah

Perhaps a well-tuned athlete who can become a dangerous seam threat playmaker with the right attacks. Last season he scored 59 passes at 912 yards and recorded 12 touchdowns, but there should be concerns about the level of competition he is facing. He is a small but ambitious blocker for his position (6-4, 245).

Best of the rest

At one point, Texas A & M’s Jalen Wydermyer was considered the best tight end in this draft class, but his unimpressive combine numbers chilled the hype surrounding him. You may be able to play better than he tests. Charlie Coller of Iowa State University, Cade Otton of Washington, Jerit Prince of UAB, Derrick Deese Jr. of San Jose State University, and Coulterner of Nevada were able to open up a worthy NFL career.

Class grade: C-

The tight-end 2022 crop doesn’t have Kyle Pitts, but a few players who could be the starters of the first day and another few who could put together a good 4-8 year NFL career. There are players. Surprisingly, this class of tight end has a more positive inline talent that requires a decent investment.

Team in trouble

Few teams desperately need a tight end upgrade this year. This could be a great year to win one on the second day and keep him hidden for a season or two. Commander, Viking, Texans, Broncos all have obvious needs and can add another piece.

Dolphin focus

Dolphins ensured that the tight end room would remain intact this offseason when Mike Geshitsuki received the franchise tag, and Durham Smythe signed a two-year contract worth $ 7 million. So Hunter Long, the third round pick of 2022, has to find a way to extend his playing time, if not his first role. Adam Shaheen still exists and offers diversity. If the dolphin chooses a tight end, it will probably be in a later round.

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Tight End-Reading Eagle

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