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Ticket holders in Tokyo abroad can only get a partial refund – NBC10 Philadelphia

Many fans outside Japan (known as regular ticket resellers) who purchased Tokyo Olympic tickets from a broker will not receive a full refund. And they may wait a long time to get a refund.

The refund issue began a week ago when the local organizers and the Japanese government decided to keep most fans out of the country for a pandemic.

There are dozens of authorized ticket resellers. They are usually appointed by the National Olympic Committee and are allowed to charge a 20% fee on tickets. For example, for a ticket worth $ 2,000, the reseller can charge $ 2,400.

CoSport, an ATR in the United States and other regions and countries, said in a letter to ticket owners over the weekend that it would not refund fees. The face value of the ticket and the shipping fee will be refunded.

On Thursday, IOC President Thomas Bach announced that the Chinese Olympic Committee will provide vaccines to participants in both the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

“CoSport and other Olympic groups have urged the Government of Japan and its organizers to reimburse all costs borne by the international spectators,” said a letter signed by CoSport President Robert F. Long. I will.

The organizers in Tokyo have stated that they will refund the face value of the ticket, but will not be responsible for any other additional charges. They state that they do not cover the additional charges imposed by the ATR or hotel or flight cancellation fees.

New Jersey-based CoSport added that it would not receive a refund from the organizer until “third quarter of the year” and would not be able to start paying the refund until then.

It also requires buyers to apply for a refund almost immediately. The deadline for submitting required documents has been set to April 9.

In an online conference by members of the International Olympic Committee, President Thomas Bach said Tokyo is “the most prepared Olympic city ever.” The game, which has been postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, will take place on July 23, with comprehensive COVID-19 measures.

“If you do not meet this deadline, your refund will be at risk. We recognize that this is a quick response, but this is based on the deadline you need to meet to apply for a refund on your behalf. I am. “

In addition, by applying for a refund, the customer can effectively free CoSport from further charges. This will prevent ticket owners from taking any further legal action.

Brandon Tysinger, who lives in Honolulu, said he spent nearly $ 4,000 on tickets. He said he applied for a refund from CoSport more than 6 months ago. He received $ 209, but said he was still waiting for $ 420 to be refunded.

He said he had a ticket worth about $ 3,000, hoping he could attend.

“I don’t like them letting us fill out the form with the information they already have,” he wrote in the Associated Press by email. “It’s another thing to delay a refund or disqualify a customer for a refund.”

Records show that CoSport, also run as JET Set Sports, received two loans, $ 784,900 each, in a coronavirus-related lending program run by the Small and Medium Business Administration. One was offered in April 2020 and the other in January for a total of $ 1,569,800.

The future of CoSport and all resellers is questioning China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba, which will take over ticket sales from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Andrew Fam, who lives in Spokane, Washington, spent about $ 2,500 on tickets and made a mistake with the US Olympic Committee for repeatedly appointing CoSport as a ticket agent. He questioned the level of customer service provided.

Cartan Tours, the most Caribbean and Latin American reseller, did not show on its website how and when to process refunds. It said it works “to get all eligible and applicable refunds”.

TeamGB, which sells in the UK, has indicated on its website that it will give a full refund.

Following the meeting of the board of directors of the International Olympic Committee, President Thomas Bach said the Tokyo Olympics will implement strict COVID measures.

“If you purchase travel packages through us, they are protected by our COVID-19 warranty and offer a 100% refund,” the group said.

According to the organizers in Tokyo, about 600,000 Olympic tickets have been sold to people overseas. Japanese residents purchased 4.45 million. Organizers said a few years ago there would be a total of 7.8 million Olympic tickets.

Keeping out fans from abroad will have a big impact on the budget of the local organizing committee. It is expected to receive $ 800 million from ticket sales, and the shortfall will need to be covered by Japanese government agencies.

The official cost of the Olympics is $ 15.4 billion. However, some government audits suggest that it could double that, and all but $ 6.7 billion are publicly funded. According to a study by the University of Oxford, these are the most expensive Olympic games on record.

No ticket information has been released by the organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympics next year, which will take place 10 months from February 4, 2022. Foreign fans may also be banned from these games called “genocide”. game. “

Ticket holders in Tokyo abroad can only get a partial refund – NBC10 Philadelphia

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