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Girls volleyball

Littlestown 3, Delone Catholic 2

After approaching several times a year, Littlestown overcame the hump and won a thrilling five-set victory over Y-3 rival Delone Catholic on Tuesday.

The two teams went back and forth with Thunderbolt dropping the first set 24-26 and then 28-26 wins in Set 2. Squiret then regained the lead with a 25-14 predominant victory in Set 2, but Bolt survived with a 25-18 victory in Set 4 and a 15-5 victory in the fifth decisive set. I won.

“That means a lot. It’s been a long time since we defeated De Roon,” said Littlestown coach Steve Staub about the victory. “It’s great to finally get that victory. It’s important not only for the girls, but for the whole program.”

Outside hitter Makayla Orwig opened the scoring with 13 kills and 3 blocks on the net in Littlestown.

“She is an impressive batter. She is tall, can hit hard and can block,” Staub said of Orwig. “She moved from the middle to the outside this year. This is probably her more natural position. And thanks to our staff and some of the other girls being able to do the same, she made that switch. It was easy to do. “

Bolt’s other major contributors were Carli Thayer, who notched 34 assists and 15 digs, and Maddie Dunbar, who had 11 kills, 4 blocks, 2 digs and 2 ace.

“Everyone played tonight. Everyone played well,” Staub said of the depth of the team. “Not only did we hit, but the score we scored wouldn’t have been possible without our defense. This year, defense is our strength and defense is solid. You can turn it into an offense. “

Staub said the win would be the standard for the team after Littlestown entered the district tournament a year ago.

“As a coach, you set expectations every year, and there’s definitely a close game, and the results probably won’t work, and your self-confidence will be hurt,” he said. “It is the hope of any coach that the team can see the potential there, use it as a motivation, build their confidence and continue to work hard.”

Fairfield 3, East Junior Ta 2

The Knights gathered to win five sets of 20-25, 21-25, 25-15, 25-18 and 15-9 after being two sets behind and not losing to anyone.

York Catholic 3, Balmdian Springs 0

The Eagles fell into the Irish power with straight sets of 20-15, 25-12 and 25-15. Tori Murren digged 13 in Balmdian Springs and Haley Andras led in 12 shots.

Gettysburg 3, Susquehannock 0

The Warriors battle on Tuesday was all Gettysburg as they captured Susquehannock’s 29-27, 25-17, and 25-19 sweeps.

Haley Williams defeated 9 kills and Landisketterman won another 5 kills. Williams and Sheena Davis have joined for 11 service aces on the line.

Abbey Hill posted the team’s best nine excavations, and Davis assisted a dozen.

Central York 3, Southwestern 0

The Panthers defeated Mustang 25-12, 25-21, 25-22 on Tuesday.

Sara Nicole’s 9 kills led Southwestern, Emma Baney gave 19 assists, and Katrin Glenpler finished with 17 digs.

Gettysburg 3, Shippensberg 0

It was a good voyage for the Warriors, who defeated Greyhound 25-9, 25-10, 25-12 in the non-league on Monday.

Haley Williams led Gettysburg’s powerful service game with five ace, followed by Shaina Davis with three ace.

Waynesboro 3, New Oxford 1

The cow fought four sets on Monday before dropping the 23-25, 27-29, 25-19, 16-25 decisions to the maiden.

Devin Kelly’s 11 kills proceeded at the colonial offense pace, followed by Mallory Topper and Megan Adams with 9 kills each.

Girls soccer

Big Raville 8, Hanover 0

Brylee Rodgers and Diana Trejo-Hernandez each scored two goals in Canners’ big win over Hawkettes on Tuesday.

Emily Woolson, Abbey Ponce, Jayden Slonakar and Jessica Perez Rivera also scored host goals. Rodgers and Amahirani Zavala have added two assists to each victory.

Hanover 00 — 0

Big Ravil 62 — 8

Goals: B-Emily Woolson, Abbey Ponce, Jayden Slonakar, Jessica Perez-Rivera, Briley Rogers 2, Diana Trejo-Hernandez 2. Assist: B-Rogers 2, Amahilani Zavala 2, Mari Alvarez, Slonakar, Woolson. Shot: H-0; B-21. Corner: H-1; B-4. Save: H-13; NS

Gettysburg 5, New Oxford 0

A barrage of five goals in the opening half sent the Warriors to victory on Tuesday.

Isabel Gaydon joined teammates Maddy Gaydon, Alivia Kolgan and Camlin Felix in the scoring line, scoring two goals. Autumn Oster has also prepared three assists for the winner.

New Oxford 00 — 0

Gettysburg 50 — 5

Goals: G-Madigaidon, Alivia Corgan, Isabergaydon 2, Camry Felix. Assist: G-Autumn Oaster 3, M. Gaydon, Anna Crawford Shot: NO-7; G-17. Corner: NO-1; G-5. Savings: NO-6; G-5

Bermudian Springs 7, Littlestown 0

Bailey Omig scored four goals in the first half when the Eagles raced past Bolt on Tuesday.

Jamilet Lua scored a goal in the first half and started scoring, and Alison Watts closed it with the first of the two goals in the game.

Littlestown 00 — 0

Balmdian Springs 61 — 7

Goals: BS-Jamylett Lua, Bailey Oehmig 4, Alyson Watts 2. Assist: BS-Oehmig 2, Watts, Hannah Chenault

Sasuke Nita 6, Big Raville 4

The Canners attacked three times in the second half, but couldn’t even pull on the home-standing Blackhawks on Saturday.

Briley Rogers opened the scoring with two goals, with Jayden Slonaker and Abbey Ponce each marking. Slonaker also picked up two assists.

Big Raville 13 — 4

Sasuke Nita 42 — 6

Goals: B-Brylee Rodgers 2, Jayden Slonaker, Abbie Ponce; S-Webster 3, Kirchman, Eicher, Jones. Assist: B-Slonaker 2, Mari Alvarez; S-Fleisher 3. Corner: B-2; S-2. Save: B-15, S-2

Boys soccer

Fairfield 2, York Catholic 1 (2OT)

Ciaran Phalen found the top corner of the net with a long punt from goalkeeper Eric Ball in the second extra time and moved Knights 3-0 in Y-3 play.

Neither team scored in the first half. Jake Ogle gave the fairfield a lead with a ball from Farren in the second half, before Ryan Othout drew the match and sent it to overtime.

The ball was saved three times online for the Knights.

York Catholic 01 0 — 1

Fairfield 01 1 — 2

Goals: YC-Oath; F-Jake Ogle, Cialan Farren. Assist: YC-Macris; F-Farren. Save: YC-Forjan 7; F-Eric Ball 3.

Big Raville 6, Hanover 0

Canners got off to a strong start to the season with a complete victory over Nighthawks.

Six different players found the Big Ravil net. Isiah Kuykendall added three assists to his goal and Juan Garcia had two assists to follow his own goal. Brian Mendes, Jack Legendin, Jacob Mead and Eskibias also found the other side of the net.

Carlos Gonzalez made 6 saves online for Hanover.

Hanover 00 — 0

Big Raville 33 — 6

Goals: B-Bryan Mendes, Jack Regentin, Jacob Mead, Eskibias, Juan Garcia, Isia Quikendal. Assist: B-Kuykendall 3, Garcia 2, Regentin. Shot: H-0; B-12. Save: H-Carlos Gonzalez 6. Corner: H-0; B-12.

New Oxford 3, Gettysburg 2

The Colonials overtook the Warriors in a physical contest on Tuesday.

Francisco Sandval and Quaid Clark provided goals for Gettysburg, and Jona Brenard helped Clark’s tally.

No details for the new Oxford were provided.

William Penn 2, Delon Catholic 0

Bearcats scored goals in each half to send Squires on Monday.

Delon Catholic 00 — 0

William Penn 11 — 2

cross country

Southwestern YAIAA

York Suburban postponed the Southwest on Tuesday to win both men’s and women’s races.

Shernel Singh and Sherman Singh came in third and fourth in the Mustang, and Evan Freil added an effort in sixth.

Suburban’s Cole Adams won the race at 16:39. This was only 15 seconds behind the course record set by Benshot in Southwestern 2014.

Gabe Schubring came in 20th place at 19:57, leading the Fairfield pack.

Mustang Page Watson brought back the women’s race at 20:43, with teammate Elise Leonard crossing in 7th place.

boy: York Suburban d. Southwest 25-30; Southwest d. Eastern York 15-50; Southwest d. Fairfield 15-50; Southwest d. Big Ravil 15-50; York Suburban d. Eastern York 16-45; York Suburban d. Fairfield 15-50; York Suburban d. Big Raville 15-50; Fairfield d. Eastern York 25-30; Eastern York d. Fairfield 16-42

Fairfield: 20. Gabriel Schubring 19:57, 21. Camryn Wiles 20:05, 27. Matthew Turner 20:34, 29. Vincent Malipca 20:44, 37. Brad Barr 21:57

Big Raville: 39. Kalani Crum 22:33, 45. Liam Hardy 23:40, 49. Chance Davis 24:28, 52. Colin Ferguson 25:51, 53. Luke Meyer 26:33

girl: York Suburban d. Southwest 22-38; Southwest d. Eastern York 19-44; Southwest d. Fairfield 15-50; Southwest d. Big Ravil 15-50; York Suburban d. Eastern York 24-37; York Suburban d. Fairfield 15-50; York Suburban d. Big Raville 15-50; Eastern York d. Fairfield 15-50; Eastern York d. Big Raville 15-50; Fairfield d. Big Raville 15-50

Fairfield: 4. Leah Flinchbaugh 23:11, 23. Kylee Partilla 31:37

Big Raville: 24. Kaitlyn Kline 32:03, 25. Hope Chapman 32:47

Girls tennis

Delon Catholic 4, Balmdian Springs 1

Olivia Roth, Ella Knox and Giovanna Jiang wiped out single player in Squirettes to beat the Eagles on Tuesday.

Bermuda has doubled the victory after Ava Leatherman and Heinemann.

single: 1. Olivia Ross (DC) d. Beka Gerringer 6-0, 6-0; 2. Elanox (DC) d. Amelia Jeringer 6-1, 6-1; 3. Giovanna Jiang (DC) d. Curly Lau 6-2, 7-6 (5)

Doubles: 1. Gabriella Erdman / Gianna Lawyer (DC) d. Abbey Myers / Taylor Stockham 7-5, 6-1; 2. Ava Leatherman / Emma Heineman (BS) d. Emily Flynn / Mikarina Miller 3-6, 6-4, 1-0 (3)

West York 5, Big Ravil 0

Bulldogs didn’t drop the set to beat Canners in YAIAA play on Tuesday.

single: 1. Alisa Steel (WY) d. Marianna Hartmann 6-0, 6-0; 2. Lexi Sanderson (WY) d. Klara Kirkegaard 6-1 and 6-0; 3. Charlotte Whitesell (WY) d. Autumn Slave 6-0, 6-4.

Doubles: 1. Lizzia Gravante / Mari Santos (WY) d. Gabby Pirich / Dylanie Castillo-Salazar 6-0, 6-0; 2. Elamikura / Terin Thomas (WY) d. Alyssa Vaughan / Grace Buchheister 6-0, 6-0

Field hockey

Big Raville 5, West York 0

Canners blew up the bulldog on Tuesday, scoring two goals each from Dana Newberry and Alyssa Smith in a 5-0 shutout.

Natalie Showaker posted the opening goal before Newbury and Smith changed scores throughout the contest. Isabelle Allen assisted four goals for the winner who limited West York to eight shots.

West York 00 0 0 — 0

Big Raville 20 1 2 — 5

Goals: B-Natalie Showcar, Dana Newberry 2, Alyssa Smith 2. Assist: B-Isabelle Allen 4, show car. Shot: WY-8; B-35. Corner: WY-3; B-12. Savings: WY-24; B-8. JV: Big Ravil 4, West York 0

Eastern York 5, Fairfield 1

Alyssa Farace scored a goal in the fourth period and keeper Analize Cromer scored 23 stops in the Knights cage on Tuesday.

Fairfield 00 0 1 — 1

Eastern York 02 1 2 — 5

Goals: F-Alyssa Farace; EY-Molly Townsley 2, Tatum Livelsberger, Donnelly Bankowski, Samantha Burke Shots: F-2; EY-28. Corner: F-2; EY-22. Save: F-Annalise Cromer 23; EY-Kendall Felix 1

Thunderbolt sends a message to win Squiret | Sports

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