Thunder Outreach Hosts Miracle Tent Revival Week in Boyertown

Thunder Outreach Ministries will host the Miracle Tent Revival Week from June 12th to 18th at the Laurel Mountain Ministries Chapel at Chapel Lane 27 in Boyertown.

“We are reviving a good old big tent,” said Chaplain Mark Maritzy, a faith-based Christian community outreach event and organizer team, the Thunder Outreach Ministry, which began as a group of 11 Bible studies. Said.

Miracle Tent Revival Week is a full week of big tent revival services featuring a powerful worship experience with guest speaker Jennifer Martin, the founder of ContagiousLove International. Worship is held under a large tent every night from 7 pm, and water baptism is held in the cross-shaped pool. Participants also have the opportunity to sit and pray at the feet of a full-scale mountain cross.

Water baptism is done in a cross-shaped pool. (Submitted photo)

“The Hebrew word translated” tabernacle “means” tent. ” It was a meeting place. God was making a way to get closer to his people, “explained Maritzi. “People he has been freed from oppression and bondage. The tent symbolizes God’s desire to be with us and stands as a place of freedom from all that separates from our beloved God.”

Most of the week’s service is a call for inclusiveness and action.

“It’s important to me whether it’s showing love to my neighbors, making the community better, or whether the faith actually enlightens and brightens the community,” Maritzy said. “People tell a lot, but the Bible says that non-working faith is dead. Your faith should inspire others. Never destroy others. Hmm … faith, hope, and love. “

He said the tent resurrection service is an opportunity for people to get together and listen to outside preachers.

“Amazing things have happened,” Maritzy said. “The Bible says that signs, miracles, and wonders obey those who believe.”

“I’ve seen things that the human eye can’t explain,” he continued. “I will never tell you how God works. I will never promise to have a healing event. What we are doing is the resurrection of a big tent. When we do, we try to create an atmosphere of love and compassion. We invite inspirational speakers and hopefully someone there will take away the burden they had. You will be touched in the way you can. “

Guest speaker is Jennifer Martin, founder of Contagious Love International. (Submitted photo)
Guest speaker is Jennifer Martin, founder of Contagious Love International. (Submitted photo)

This week’s highlight is guest speaker Jennifer Martin, founder of Contagious Love International based in Nashville, Tennessee. A world-renowned and highly popular minister and personality of faith, Martin is also a minister in the widely-watched program Awaken The Heart. As Minister of Travel, she serves churches, conferences, crusades, and on the streets.

Her book “Awaken The Dark Horse Prophet”, the author of the “Awaken” series, is still a bestseller.

“Jennifer also has a moving testimony of how Jesus saved her from a drug-addicted lifestyle, at the forefront of infectious love internationally, through her awakened heart media program. Equipped with the body of Christ to make the radical disciples of Jesus Christ According to the website of Contagious Love International, it also branches into outreach and a series of awakening books.

The musical lineup features Spring City Fellowship Church Pat Amoroso on Sundays and Mondays, Sodaton Welchurch Matt Romet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the Heart of God Family Worship Center Praise and Worship Team on Thursdays, and the Thunderbands on Fridays and Heaven. I am. Saturday.

For more information on Miracle Tent Revival Week, please call 484-942-8709, contact Chaplain Malizzi (, or visit:

Thunder Outreach Hosts Miracle Tent Revival Week in Boyertown

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