Three Rhoads Energy affiliates now share the same name

Three affiliates of the Rhoads Energy Family of Companies have acquired new names and logos. This is part of a brand change that the company says will streamline operations.

Three affiliates — Aulenbach & Son (serving eastern Berks County). Boyertown Oil and Propane (serving the Tri-County region, eastern Burks, northwestern Montgomery county, northern Chester county), and Mac Energy (serving eastern Chester county and mainline) — number as part of Rhodes Energy It is operated annually. A leading provider of fuel and HVAC services in central and southern Pennsylvania.

Each company will move from its original brand to the Rhoads Energy name and logo. According to a Rhoads Energy press release, the move is expected to streamline operations, reduce costs and clarify Rhoads Energy’s position in the market. It also makes all of the company’s services available to affiliate customers.

“This rebranding will consolidate our teams under the same umbrella while maintaining our hometown, high quality service and value,” Rhoads Energy CEO Michael DeBerdine said in a statement. “We expect a very smooth transition for our team members and our customers.”

To plan the migration, Rhoads Energy consulted with the original owners of the affiliates, if possible.

This isn’t the first time Rhoads Energy has integrated another company into its parent brand. In 2021, the Lebanese-based VR Bolts Inc. was rebranded.

“This move has reduced confusion, improved service, and Rhodes has continued its strategy with other affiliates,” the press release said. Rhoads Energy has undergone the latest brand changes and was built on the experience of that transition.

According to DeBerdine, the two companies already share telephone systems, dispatch and operational guidelines, so they are “already incorporated into the Rhoads culture.”

Earlier this year, affiliated equipment engineers moved to part of Cool Crew, and Rhoads Energy, an HVAC service group, was launched to highlight equipment installation and service expertise. .. The new business unit was designed to pool resources and provide streamlined services to HVAC customers in five counties, including Burks, Chester, Montgomery, Lancaster and Lebanon.

Cool Crew has brought together more than 50 technicians from all of Rhoads’ affiliates. At the time of the transition, the company said the new unit would “lay the foundation for growth and expansion.”

According to the company’s announcement, the communities served by Aulenbach & Son, Boyertown Oil and Propane, and Mack Energy will notice some changes. The name of Rhoads Energy will appear on delivery vehicles, uniforms, signs and communications. Online, the company website begins to redirect to the Rhoads Energy website. This website provides more detailed information about the service and a blog section that provides tips.

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Three Rhoads Energy affiliates now share the same name

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