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Area scout Ken Guthrie wore a better version of the team’s home run chain and felt the organization was a hit after the Orioles chose Oklahoma High School shortstop Jackson Holliday in the first comprehensive pick of the Major League Baseball on Sunday night. From the park who acknowledged his involvement in.

The chain went from scout to scout as Baltimore made each of the next 21 picks in a three-day draft. Spend the game on the Orioles dug out — The links are held together with duct tape and zip ties — move from player to player after a home run. As much as the Major League Baseball team enjoyed the amazing first half of the season, the Orioles amateur scout division enjoyed the opportunity to replenish talent at the bottom of the organization.

“We are a very laid-back and relaxed group,” said Brad Siolek, Draft Operations Director at the Orioles. “I love working with them, whether they’re analysts or scouts. This was a great ride. The last four drafts [executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias and assistant general manager of analytics Sig Mejdal] on board. We are a fairly relaxed and casual group.

“We have a lot of fun. We enjoy it.”

Baltimore has created a collection of picks that differ in some respects from last year, but since it features the same type of players that Elias targeted after taking over the baseball operations in November 2018. These good times have come.

Here are three points from the Orioles 2022 draft:

Probably the last time

Holiday Mark the 4th straight top 5 pick Elias was made in Baltimore, and there is hope that there will be no other soon.

The Orioles finished 46-46 in the first half, setting the 13th worst record in baseball. Being there at the end of the season for the past few years means receiving the 13th pick overall in the 2023 draft, as MLB has begun a draft draw for the first 6 picks. They are still at the top of the board without dramatic drop-offs. All 18 teams that miss the playoffs will be part of the lottery, but the top half teams have a less than 2% chance of winning the top pick.

The Orioles seemingly turn the corner, These recent draft products that drive major league opportunitiesThe only reason Baltimore should choose near the top of the draft in the coming years is luck rather than poor play on the field.

However, choosing later will not change the way your club operates. The Orioles are targeted at position players who profile the middle, hit the ball hard, and make few swings and mistakes. They look for pitchers who create those whims and have one or two pitches that the Orioles believe they can play against major league batters. They simply need to target them in the second half of the first round and have a smaller bonus pool for use throughout the draft.

“For me, it was the same every year, regardless of the situation in the major league clubs,” said Ciolek.

Draft boards finally line up for pitching

There is recognition that the Orioles avoided drafting pitchers under Elias, but that’s not true. They chose 12 pitchers in 22 choices this week, the highest number in 20 rounds of the four drafts in this front office, but that’s not the runaway total. They took 9 pitchers last year and 10 in the first half of the 2019 draft. This was the last draft featuring 40 rounds.

Notable this year is how quickly Baltimore’s five Day 2 pitchers took them together, combining the numbers they chose in the first ten rounds of the previous three drafts. (It’s worth noting that the 2020 draft was only five rounds in the coronavirus pandemic.)

The Orioles administration has long made it clear that pitchers, in their estimation, carry more risk than fielders.Elias recently said, “There are countless ways to bring. [major league] pitcher. If you’re worried about having too many fielders as much as a lack of pitching, a scale-balancing trade may come.

The organization targets pitchers with specific characteristics. In particular, it targets one or two weapons in the arsenal that the Orioles believe can be maximized through player development. For example, Ciolek refers to “jumping on a fastball, sweeping with a slider, and increasing depth with a curved ball.” The ability to strike out, and thus swing and make mistakes, has always been the most front-facing statistic to pay attention to.

In recent drafts, the Orioles haven’t hired many pitchers either because they have a favorite batter or because the arm they may be targeting has only been previously selected. Ciolek said there was no change in his approach to pitching this year. It’s just the way the board pans out.

“The draw here was always lucky,” Ciolek said.

Late risk

When it comes to the Orioles of Elias, the term “signability” is not often used. The only picks they didn’t sign the first three drafts were high school students taken in the 34th to 40th rounds of 2019.

As Elias often says, they have made precise efforts to “maximize the draft.” Otherwise, you will lose the slot value for that pick from the bonus pool and you will need to sign all players who have passed the 10th round. The most notable example came in 2014 when Elias was the Amateur Scout Director of the Houston Astros. The club was unable to sign the first comprehensive pick Brady Aiken, which led to Houston not having enough pool space to complete the agreed overslot deal with Jacob Nix in the fifth round. I did.

At the second-largest pool in modern draft history after the 2015 Astros (ranked in the top five as a result of not signing Aiken), the Orioles will want to take advantage of this year’s harvest. A round that suggests that their pool is at risk.

But to take full advantage of this opportunity, the Orioles are seizing the opportunity when it comes to signing three of the day’s picks. The 11th round right-handed Zack Showalter was the only high school student to choose other than Holiday. Florida natives are working on the University of South Florida. Shortstop Carter Young is considered a potential first-rounder born from Vanderbilt’s impressive first full season, and despite the struggle of 2022, Baseball America is one of the top 200 players available to him. I made it a person. Future LSU transfers continued until Baltimore took him in the 17th round. After a pick, the Orioles brought Miami (Florida) closer to Andrew Walters. Andrew Walters ranked Baseball America and the MLB pipeline as worthy of the first four rounds.

It’s not clear how much flexibility the Orioles need to sign these players. These players, along with all other Tuesday drafts, can sign up to $ 125,000 without counting into the bonus pool. Holliday isn’t expected to receive a slot of around $ 8.85 million, but it can still exceed $ 8 million. Preston Johnson, a senior right-handed Mississippi who is not in the Baseball America Draft Prospect Top 500, is 197th overall in Round 7, and it is doubtful that the bonus will approach the $ 249,200 slot value. ..

After signing all the picks in the last two drafts, Ciolek acknowledged that the Orioles could be difficult to move 22 to 22. The team must sign the draft until August 1st.

“Obviously, the intention is a sign of all these people,” he said. “That’s what we want …. If I’m asked if I’m optimistic, we’ll sign them all, though I’m probably not as optimistic as in the last few years. Obviously the intent is to sign each and every one of these people because the system needs them. That’s why we took them. “

The failure to close the deal is essentially harmless, as Show Alter’s heading to the USF and Young and Walters’ return to school do not affect the Orioles pool. However, signing them adds potential influential talent to the system that is constantly looking for it. In that sense, these choices are relatively low risk and in some cases highly rewarded. This is what the team always wants in the draft.


Three Points from the Orioles 2022 MLB Draft – Reading Eagle

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