Three kittens rescued from camper fire in Somerset County

Somerset County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — Firefighters rescued three kittens from a camper fire late Friday night in Stoystown.

Shortly before midnight, volunteer fire companies in Stoystown and Shanksville responded to camper fires along the 700 block of the Old Lincoln Highway.

According to their Facebook, the camper was parked outside and was completely engulfed upon arrival. The fire also spread to nearby buildings and his RV.

Crew members said they were unable to put out the fire and had to add additional hoses, but were able to fully extinguish the blaze. Although he said he lost everything because of the accident, no injuries have been reported.

Somerset County CART responded and took 3 kittens for treatment.animal response team Said The kitten suffered burns but was released on Saturday morning with medication and is in the care of one of the staff.The three kittens will be monitored over the next 72 hours for the effects of smoke inhalation. A veterinarian follow-up is also scheduled for next week.

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Fire brigade and CART teams, along with Somerset Ambulance, responded to the scene. Three kittens rescued from camper fire in Somerset County

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