Three candidates running for two regional seats on the Hamburg Board of Education

In the November elections, three candidates are competing for two seats in Region 3 of the Hamburg Board of Education.

Two candidates are running as Republicans and one is running as a Democrat. Laura Lesher is incumbent and Thao Huynh and Ryan Gebely will join the board for the first time.

Members of the school board serve a four-year term.

I asked the candidate to answer two questions.

question 1: Why do you think you are the right person for this position?

Question 2: What are the most important issues facing the school district today? And how do you plan to deal with them?

Thao Huynh, 33, Upper Bern Township.

Sao Huin

Party: Democratic Party.

Background: Finn and her family moved to the school district over three years ago. Her husband graduated from Hamburg High School in 2006 and has greatly benefited from the opportunities offered by the school. They have three children in the school district.

Response 1: As a former professor at one of the top 10 pharmacies in the country, he has experience in education, and he uses this experience to work with parents, students, staff, and the community to strive for and advocate quality education. I will continue. Our students. I believe it is the responsibility of the Board to provide support for teachers and staff to enrich their classroom experience and to work with all members to achieve this goal. I promise.

In addition, I am a board member of several pharmacy organizations. He is currently educating children at Sunday School at a local church. My previous and current experience will prepare me well for the school board.

Response 2: The main problems facing the school district that I learned from talking to individuals are concerns about political bias related to education and the social climate in which education is headed (masks, concerns about vaccination obligations, critical race theorists). Seed theory). If elected, it is my job to listen to parents’ concerns and, on behalf of parents, to keep political prejudices out of the classroom in order to provide quality education to their children. Become.

Laura Lesser

Party: Republican Party.

Lesser did not reply.

Ryan Gebery

Party: Republican Party.

Gebely did not provide a response.

Three candidates running for two regional seats on the Hamburg Board of Education

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