Thomas Rhett is a professional “girl’s dad” | Celebrity

Thomas Rhett admits that he is “very good” at being a “girl’s dad.”

Country musician and his wife Lauren Akins (already 5 years old Willa, 3 years old Ada, 15 months Lennon) will have a fourth daughter to the world later this year, Thomas said he was a professional. A child-rearing girl who insisted.

He told “Entertainment Tonight”: Being honest with you is overwhelming.

“It’s great because we’re scheduled for November and we have four little girls. I feel like I’m very good at becoming a” girl’s dad. ” I’m very, very excited. “

The couple were excited to have another girl along the way, but the daughters wanted a brother.

Thomas said: “I have a video that I haven’t shared with anyone yet.

“Lauren shows them a pregnancy test and they are like,” Is it a boy? Is it a brother? ” Lauren said, “I don’t know yet,” and said, “I wanted a boy!”

Last month, when Lauren shared a photo of Thomas with a growing bump on Instagram and wrote: The couple announced that they had another child. I’m on stage at @billybobstexas in Fort Worth (my mom’s hometown) in time for Mother’s Day. The Akins family expanded in November 2021 with a fourth baby girl. (Sic) “

Her husband shared a similar photo and wrote in his own account: Anyway, now you know, because I (ear monitor) said, “You can tell them if you want.” We are excited to have our 4th girl. (Sic) “

Thomas Rhett is a professional “girl’s dad” | Celebrity

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