This year we are making some new changes to ExtraGive. The application deadline is October 10th.local news

ExtraGive has raised $81.5 million since the Lancaster County Community Foundation launched its signature fundraising event in 2012.

While the annual donation amount is impressive, there is another figure that the Foundation feels is just as important.

This year’s ExtraGive is one of the changes to the November 18th fundraiser that will focus on the number of unique donors. According to the foundation’s website, a unique donor is defined as her one individual.

In past ExtraGives, participating charities received a portion of the “stretch pool” of funds donated by event sponsors, proportional to the amount each charity raised during the fundraiser.

This year, each charity’s stretch pool share is based on the number of unique donors to the organization. , receive 1% of the stretch pool. Last year’s stretch pool was over $500,000.

“The goal is to invite more people to support causes they care about and get them involved in the idea of ​​caring for our community. The focus will be on the number of people.” Foundation Vice President. “Therefore, each donation, regardless of the amount, will help the organization in terms of stretch dollars,” she said.

If a donor donates to multiple organizations, that donor will be counted as a unique door to each of those organizations. However, if a donor donates to her one organization multiple times, that donor will be counted as her one unique donor to that organization.

Also new this year is a leaderboard on the foundation’s website that shows the number of unique donors to each organization and the amount raised.

Another change this year concerns participating organizations’ non-discrimination policies. Last year, the organization was encouraged to voluntarily post policies on his ExtraGive website. Of the 516 organizations that participated in the 2021 fundraiser, less than half did. This year, participating organizations are required to post a policy.

According to ExtraGive’s website, a non-discrimination policy helps demonstrate an organization’s commitment not to allow discrimination based on characteristics protected by federal, state, or local laws or regulations.

Asked if policy requirements were causing the charity to withdraw from this year’s ExtraGive, Cutler said the foundation had no idea exactly who was or wasn’t participating in the November fundraiser. He said he didn’t have one.

“Applications close on October 10th, so we won’t know the final number of participants until late October,” Cutler said. “Now is the time to encourage people to apply to their favorite organizations.”

Donations to this year’s ExtraGive will be accepted from midnight to 11:59pm on November 18th when people can visit., choose from hundreds of local nonprofits and make secure online donations of $10 or more. A 4.99% fee per donation applies to credit card transactions.

A free ExtraGive Fest will be held at the Lancaster County Convention Center at 25 S. Queen St. in downtown Lancaster from 8pm to midnight. It serves as a fundraising hub, featuring local entertainment, social media stations for photo ops, interactive art, and a giving station for attendees to donate overnight. This year we are making some new changes to ExtraGive. The application deadline is October 10th.local news

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