“This week was definitely different.” In the turmoil and turmoil, Matt Nagy’s Chicago Bears slipped through the unfortunate Detroit Lions. But what now? – Reading Eagle

Who knows what the Thanksgiving tradition at Matt Nagy’s home is? But when the Chicago Bears coach returns home from Detroit on Thursday night, it’s a good bet that he found a way to supply liquor and poured himself a drink. Very hard.

What a strange week! And the turmoil may have just begun.

Bears players reorganized on Thursday after three days of turmoil around coach work safety and locker room grip after the Bears suffered a cruel home loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Sneak past miserable things Ford Field Lions 16-14..

Undoubtedly, the victory itself was never impressive. Miles away, you simply get the Bears a “at least you’re not a Lions” medallion.

But at least it ended the team’s 45-day stretch without a win, recorded five consecutive losses, and enabled the coveted relief when Nagy headed for a long weekend.

“This is about the team,” Nagy said at a 10-minute post-match press conference. “They are people who practice every day to fight like hell to win.”

For those looking for importance in Thursday’s late escape, it’s probably due to the pullout and mental toughness of the 44 Bears players who contributed. Quarterback Andy Dalton threw 317 yards, 123 yards of which was thrown at the up-and-coming receiver Darnell Mooney. Robert Quinn provided the bag and Trevis Gipson timely punched out to the only takeout of the defense in the first half.

When the kicker Cairo Santos ran out of time, he finished the afternoon with a 28-yard field goal and won the 18-play match, wasting the last 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

“There is certainly some relief,” Dalton said.

With deep gratitude to each other, the Bears players vowed to stick together and lock in as much as possible.

“We love each other,” Santos said. “We support each other. No one wants to fail.”

Nagy added: “There is joy in that locker room and they are allowed to have it. They won it so they are going to have a great Thanksgiving. And they fought like hell. “

What is your understanding of his current work situation?

“My understanding is what it was from the day I signed to be this (team) coach,” Nagy said. “Win as many games as I can and do it the right way.”

Still, his team went nowhere 4-7 and Nagy wasn’t trying to escape the turmoil of his topsy-filled week.

A source of information for a league Tensioned Tuesday afternoon meeting Among Nagy, general manager Ryan Pace, chairman George McCaskey, and team president and CEO Ted Phillips, Nagy said his boss had guaranteed him viral. Report that Showed that his firing was certain This week was wrong.

“(They told me) it wasn’t a real report,” Nagy said. “That was a mistake.”

Pace said in his regular pre-match interview at WBBM-AM 780 that he identified the report as inaccurate when he first read it.

“Honestly, my first thought was,’Hey, that’s an inaccurate report,'” Pace said. But I think we did a good job just focusing on what’s happening inside the building and blocking the turmoil outside it. “

But on Tuesday, outside turmoil had already penetrated the building with Nagy, three coordinators, and three players. answer the questions About the viral report, where little is made clear about where everything stands.

Later, after Nagy canceled the meeting on Tuesday afternoon, players realized they were confused by their efforts to classify reality from rumors.

“I’m not going to lie,” said tight-end Cole Kmet. I don’t know what is true and what is not. “

It wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon that McCaski spoke to the team to provide clarity and peace of mind.

Nagy shook his head when asked directly if his boss extinguished Tuesday’s fire much earlier and in a much more direct way to limit the confusion inside the building and delay the perplexity outside.

“I don’t want anything,” he said. “I know that day I went out and tried to actually guide those guys and focus on everything I could to win this game (Thursday).”

However, the claim did not explain why Nagy canceled the team meeting on Tuesday after the second walkthrough. That night, many players left the facility asking more questions than they answered. Even Nagy admitted the whole story made for a much more challenging week.

“Again, it’s a distraction you have to deal with,” he said. And it wasn’t. If I couldn’t handle it, I wouldn’t have signed up to take on this job. “

Still, characterizing Thursday’s victory as vibrant or encouraging would be a major stretch. It’s quite possible that the Bears couldn’t beat any of the other 30 NFL teams.

The running game didn’t really work. Dalton threw a costly passcut in the end zone in the first half. And Santos could have badly chunked a 53-yard field goal in the third quarter, giving the Bears a two-goal lead.

Seven minutes later, they were chasing 14-13.

But Lions are still Lions. They took 14 penalties on Thursday and the Bears accepted 10 of them at 67 yards. The flawed log includes six holding fouls, two false starts against Evan Brown at the center, 12 field breaches during an extra point attempt, and yes, a defensive delay in a 1:54 game breach. Was included. It remained when coach Dan Campbell tried to call a series of timeouts without playing.

Campbell explained that the Lions were in a state of media turmoil and would have been beaten with a touchdown if they hadn’t called the second timeout. It converted Bears’ Third And 9 to Third and 4 and a 7-yard Dalton Pass to Damier Leverd. And when the Lions got out of the timeout, the Bears were finally able to lower the clock to one second before loosening Santos.

After a 39-yard touchdown pass from Jared Goff to Josh Reynolds provided an early lead of 7-0, Lions averaged only 5.4 yards per attempt in the last 20 passes. Lions faced third and 32nd place on two different occasions (one for each half), penalizing three times in a row.

Campbell’s team was booed from the field with almost all possessions in a home stadium with some vacant seats.

Surprisingly, the Bears still managed to secretly need a final second field goal. And with the next two games playing against NFC’s top two teams, Arizona Cardinals (9-2) and Green Bay Packers (8-3), Nagy’s team is on the verge of a meaningful resurgence. There is little evidence to suggest that.

Instead, all the signs show the big changes needed at the end of the season. Nagy’s seats are still hot. The future of pace should be directly linked. Who knows what McCaskey and Phillips will ultimately decide at the end of the season?

With six games left, the Bears need to find a deep reserve for concentration and disgust to prevent another long spiral and more flavour. Their encounter with chaos is probably not over that year.

Thursday’s victory may have provided a short and welcoming spiritual break. But Nagy knows why all the turmoil began.

“When you lose five games in a row, and when you’re 3-7 years old, you know what territory you can reach,” he said. “And it’s with work. I’m here because I knew it when I took this (position) four years ago.

“It’s a little different every week, and it’s definitely different.”

On Thursday night, Nagy had the right to drink. It’s still everyone’s guess what will happen from here.

“This week was definitely different.” In the turmoil and turmoil, Matt Nagy’s Chicago Bears slipped through the unfortunate Detroit Lions. But what now? – Reading Eagle

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