This is how BCIU uses the COVID Relief Fund.

For the past 18 months, I have had a hard time educating.

The COVID pandemic closed schools and forced students to study online. It has already diminished the outlook for shallow education pools and substitute education.

It implemented new protocols in schools and forced them to invest in new equipment. It put extra stress on both students and staff.

And dealing with all of that wasn’t cheap.

On Tuesday, Berks County Intermediate Unit officials invited two local state legislators and three other representatives at the Learning Center in Lower Alsace to thank them for their financial support during the crisis and what that support helped. Was shown. Pay the price.

In particular, BCIU officials talked about the Federal COVID Relief Fund received through the Emergency Relief Fund for elementary and junior high schools.

A lump sum was paid to each of the 50 states, after which each distributed dollars to local school districts and other educational institutions.

Pennsylvania officials have directed $ 2 million of that money to BCIU. Dr. Jill Hackman, Managing Director, said the funds are being used effectively to support both students and teachers.

She said the $ 2 million received by BCIU “funds our future.”

“That’s the real meaning and the impact on our future,” she said.

According to Hackman, the funding will allow BCIU to continue working to ensure that Burks’ 70,000 school-aged children are well prepared for life after school. increase.

Some of the $ 2 million funded by:

  • Curriculum design, educational practices and improved assessment.
  • We support subgroups such as talented students, students with disabilities, and students learning English as a second language.
  • Expansion of career preparation programs.
  • Collaboration with local nonprofits, local business communities and local universities.
  • We provide mental health support to students and staff.

Additional COVID relief funding for early childhood education programs also affected BCIU.

BCIU currently operates 89 early childhood education classes through headstart, pre-kindergarten and early intervention. In total, BCIU serves approximately 3,500 students throughout the program.

COVID Relief Fund provided an additional $ 3 million for these programs.

BCIU officials said there are still many challenges, despite the support of COVID relief funding. The most pressing is the ongoing labor shortage that is affecting the entire education world.

According to Hackman, BCIU still needs bus drivers, teaching assistants and other support staff.

In many cases, it was necessary to raise the wage rate in order to attract candidates. This means that continuous financial support is needed.

This is how BCIU uses the COVID Relief Fund.

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