“This is a Pennsylvania issue”: Bipartisan demands state-wide action against gun violence | Local news

On Friday, State Senator Sharif Street and Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal convened a summit in response to rampant gun violence.

A bipartisan panel has appeared at Esperanza College in North Philadelphia in response to the rise in violence that has shot and killed more than 10,000 people in Philadelphia since 2015.

“We need a realistic and lasting answer on how to get our city back from criminals, murderers, people who don’t love themselves or their neighbors,” Bilal said. “There was a lot of talk about this crisis, but few valuable actions.”

Democratic Senator Street, who is running for the U.S. Senate, contacted Northampton Republican Senator Mario Scavello about establishing a security caucuse in Congress to develop strategies to anticipate crime. Said. The summit included a formal meeting of recently convened caucuses-the first of several such events that said the street was planned throughout the state-with some city officials. There was a testimony from the city hall.

“This is not a judicial committee. Issues regarding gun control, stricter rulings, etc. are important debates to arise … this is not a formal forum for that,” said Street, whose nephew was killed in the summer. rice field. “We talked about establishing a committee that can fund the program and address the social determinants of violence through financial measures.”

Street pointed out the need for a state-wide response to violence as cities like Harrisburg itself are working to increase homicide rates. Austin Davis, a member of parliament from western Pennsylvania and chair of the caucuses, explained that gun violence is a crisis facing many communities throughout the state.

“It’s not just a Philadelphia issue, it’s a Pennsylvania issue,” Davis said. “This is a problem that has been imposed on backburners in Harrisburg for a very long time.”

Philadelphia police commissioner Daniel Outlaw and district attorney Larry Krasner also testified about the situation of gun violence in the city and the local response.

Outlaw says her department focuses on the “three pillars” of public safety: a multifaceted strategic plan that includes organizational excellence, crime prevention, violence reduction, community engagement and inclusion. Said.

“Everything … needed to reach our goals of trust and legitimacy, which will bring a safer community,” she said. “And prove that we are working on higher standards.”

This sector, like many people across the country, has been criticized for years for the deaths of civilians, the arrest of police officers, and the allegations of racist internal culture. Outlaw acknowledged the need for internal reforms and more community engagement to restore the sector’s reputation.

But rising crime rates indicate the need for a strong and visible police force throughout the city, she said.

“Point blank, I need more boots on the ground,” she said.

Krasner urged authorities to replicate some of the direct crime prevention strategies found in other major cities, such as the gangster control program adopted in Los Angeles. Progressive DA’s Krasner, who was reelected with a wide margin but also enthusiastic about murder rates, emphasized that the surge in shootings during the pandemic proved the need for a social response to crime prevention in addition to enforcement.

“After-school programming, art programming, opening classrooms, closing public pools, recreation centers, summer camps, and stopping regular employment would have a terrible impact on poor areas,” he said. I did. “All criminal scholars agree that it is relevant.”

“This is a Pennsylvania issue”: Bipartisan demands state-wide action against gun violence | Local news

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