“This is a dangerous area and unconstitutional.”: Response to a Pennsylvania Republican voter information subpoena

More than 12 readers have submitted letters warning that the Commission’s Pennsylvania Republicans have submitted voter information for auditing the 2020 presidential election.

Many believe that data such as name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and part of a Social Security number can fall into the hands of fraudsters.

“It’s just what Pennsylvania voters and taxpayers need,” wrote one. “Because the Republican Senate conspiracy is snooping on our personal information, loose security standards make all information publicly available on the Internet, visible to people around the world, and abused by all cyber hackers. can.”

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Some of the best reactions:

Contact State Senator for vulnerable voter information

All Pennsylvania citizens receive taxpayer dollars from Pennsylvania Republican Senator Create documents for all registered voters.. This list includes your name, address, driver’s license, and (partial) Social Security number.

No reason is given as to how or why this helps improve the law, but Senator Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-Centre) said anything could happen. He isn’t saying for anyone.

If you think wearing a mask during a pandemic insults your personal freedom, what do you think about this invasive collection of personal information? When this document is put together, the general public says nothing about who sees it and what it does.

This is more than a waste of taxpayers’ money. This intrusion of personal information can be used for hidden agendas.

Regardless of your political party, we all need to act together. Please contact the Senator to oppose this false effort.

This is a list of senators from the Intergovernmental Steering Committee who voted to make this happen. Doug Mastriano, Chris Gephard, Scott Hutchinson, Judy Ward, Chris Deuce, Dave Argar, Jake Corman.

Pennsylvania Election Audit Wastes Time and Money

I have been working on voting for many elections.

The big challenge was always getting people to vote. Voting is not a major priority, as people are busy trying to survive.

There are also many standard beliefs about the whole process. “Why bother? Nothing changes.” “All candidates are the same.” “They are all bent.” “What’s the difference?”

Suddenly, assuming we have the energy to not only vote but also commit fraud seems quite ridiculous to me. It sounds like an illusion.

Thanks to COVID-19, access to voting has increased. This is the case for early voting, mail voting, and dropbox. at last.

Being too busy now is no longer an obstacle. In democracy, you would think that we are all screaming Hallelujah. right?

No more taxpayers’ money endangering our identities in two audited and certified elections.

We elected lawmakers to pay attention to Pennsylvania’s problems, rather than wasting time and money.

Must protest the attack on the right to vote

Pennsylvania voters need to know what state legislature Republicans are doing in Harrisburg.

Remember that the election has already been audited twice. There was no scam.

Pennsylvania voters need to protest this attack on voting rights and the use of our personal information. Take it seriously before it’s too late. I just hope that the Attorney General will protect us from this exorbitant threat to Pennsylvania’s democracy initiated by Republicans.

This horrific action has attracted national attention and threatened the trust of our country. Tell the Senator that it is unacceptable and must be stopped. Do it now.

Republicans give up their value by requesting voter data

Do the seven Republican Senators in Pennsylvania have the right to summon some of the names, addresses, driver’s licenses, and Social Security numbers of all voters registered in Pennsylvania?

Republican members feel that they not only have the right to voter information, but also plan to hand it over to private sectors. The company will be paid in taxpayer dollars to conduct election reviews.

Preventing government overkill and protecting the privacy of American citizens was once an important Republican value.

These values ​​seem to have been replaced by the need to relieve the injured ego of the far-right support, the former president who the Republicans consider necessary to win future elections, the president who holds the financial string.

Didn’t the election review in Maricopa County, Arizona tell us enough? How much are we going to give up or ignore as Republicans in Pennsylvania relinquish their responsibilities to their members to build their careers?

GOP to disclose voter information to cyber hackers

Recent Voting of Subpoena Voter Records by the Pennsylvania Senate Intergovernmental Steering Committee:

What Pennsylvania voters and taxpayers need. As the Republican Senate conspiracy leaks and hacks our personal information, loose security standards make everything public on the Internet, accessible to people around the world, and exploitable by all cyber hackers. Will be.

Certainly, in the event of a security breach, we will hire a good lawyer and file a civil suit against the assigned cyber firm. This will charge taxpayers in Pennsylvania millions of dollars for company services.

There is no mistake. All state taxpayers, right, left, or center, are taxed to pay for this politically-led and conspiracy-led government corruption.

Republicans violate our right to secret ballot

This is an infringement of our privacy and the right to vote for secret ballots, we simply pass this information on to a private contractor to carry out this false audit. It is not possible to know how such a contractor could infringe, use, or misuse all this information to harm all voters in Pennsylvania.

In addition, the lack of actual evidence of fraud or abuse of the voting process in Pennsylvania raises questions about the entire election process.

The claim that Republicans are just trying to improve and make the voting process safer is fraudulent. This is an abuse of power and should not be endured.

Stop getting voter information for Pennsylvania Republicans

There is a question of where the information will end up.

If this is allowed, we will take the first step towards the death of democracy. Let’s say Democrats and Republicans must uphold the sacredness of voting. I can’t stand this nonsense. It seems that no hacker is needed to attack the information. I have a Republican.

Republicans in Pennsylvania are trying to invade voters’ privacy

The Senate Intergovernmental Steering Committee is seeking to obtain some of the names, addresses, driver’s licenses, and social security numbers of all voters registered as of November last year. In addition, we are trying to provide this information to private sectors. Private companies are paid with my tax.

This is from GOPer, which seems to hate wasting taxes. right.

These senators have no specific budget or cap on how much they spend on so-called audits. I have never seen any information related to the protection of this information, nor has I seen anything related to the “careless” release or hacking of that information.

These senators state that this information will be used to verify the identity of voters. This has already taken place in the 2020 elections and the May 2021 primaries. right. I’m sure.

Pa.Republicans are trying to invade our privacy

The Republican-controlled committee wants to know my license number, the last four digits of my Social Security number, and how I voted.

I don’t care which party you vote for. This is a violation of my privacy. This is a dangerous area and unconstitutional.

Don’t go to the polls and get together as a group to get someone to say, “OK, everyone who wants to vote for John Smith raises his hand.” Voting is a private matter.

In addition, I have already been hacked once and phished many times. Should everyone wear a sandwich board that says “Hack your account”?

I would like the license number, the last four digits of the Social Security number, and voting information from Republican Senators in all states.

This puts us all at risk, as if we weren’t enough yet. Nigeria, Russia and China have already hacked and scammed our security, and now the state Republicans want it too.

Vote for these self-serving false representatives.

Election audits are fraudulent, costly, and illegal

sufficient. Trump lost. He lost the referendum in a popular election. He lost a popular electoral college vote in Pennsylvania.

Numerous investigations and proceedings show that there were no frauds in the general election last November. Currently, Republicans in the State Senate are conducting fraudulent, costly, and illegal “forensic audits.”

according to Wake-up call (September 15th)The group is now issuing a record summons that provides information about the voter’s driver’s license number, the last four digits of the voter’s Social Security number, and who the voter chose on the ballot. I am planning.

The US Constitution requires our elections to be held by secret ballot. Obviously, these efforts are nothing more than an attempt to support the big lie of the former president that the election was stolen.

It’s time to vote for these villains.

Where does our local State Senator, Pat Brown, stand on this issue?

No flaws or breaks in the voting process

Most prominent features Law 77 passed in 2019, The establishment of mail voting without excuses. Elections have consequences, whether your priority wins or loses. I am a voter and I know other voters who are familiar with the pain of defeat in elections and the ecstasy of victory.

Instead of performing a detailed analysis to determine how to appeal to more voters, nominating candidates to be more palatable, or striving to attract potential voters, one Elected officials of the department are currently spending time and effort to prosecute and undermine the political functional system of voting to expand access in neutral.

There are no flaws or breaks in the voting process. If political parties and candidates want to win the election, they need to work to win.

All federal voters are more likely than the Legislative Commission to easily present hints and speculations as legitimate criticisms of valid elections held legally under Law 77 of 2019. It is excellent.

“This is a dangerous area and unconstitutional.”: Response to a Pennsylvania Republican voter information subpoena

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