Third Time Lucky for Wilder?

On October 9 in Las Vegas, Deontay Wilder attempts to win back his WBC Heavyweight title. Sportsbooks strongly favour Tyson Fury retaining his title and beating Wilder for the second time. Can Wilder defy the odds and finally put Fury in his place?

It was back in December 2018 that this pair first met in the ring. Wilder was the betting favourite to retain his title and make it 43 straight wins as a professional. His opponent also had a perfect record with 29 wins in a row.

That first fight proved to be highly controversial as it ended in a draw with Wilder retaining his title but losing his 100% record. Fury spent a lot of the time acting like a fool. He was poking his tongue out and holding his hands behind his head. It was behaviour that cost him the fight and winning the title. The odds are that judges don’t award points for such tomfoolery.

Fury did well to even get to the end of the fight. He was knocked down twice in the ninth and 12th rounds. That knock down in the last round saw an amazing recovery from Fury, though he seemed to be on the canvas for longer than ten seconds.

The odds on him beating the count looked slim, as did those of him surviving if he did get up. That’s what happened, though you wonder what would have happened if those knockdowns had been earlier in the fight with a fresher Wilder charging in to finish him off.

Wilder was still champion and went on to make successful defences against Dominic Breazeale (knocked out in the first round) and another win over Luis Ortiz.  Wilder knocked out Ortiz in the seventh round but was behind on points on all three of the judges’ scorecards. The signs were there that a good boxer can make life very difficult for Wilder. He bets that a knockout blow can come along sooner or later.

That was again shown to be the case when Wilder again defended his title against Fury. Sportsbooks were split over who would win this title fight held in February 2020. It was Fury who dominated the fight. He had Wilder down in rounds three and five before stopping him in the seventh and finally he’d defied the odds and become world heavyweight champion. All three judges had him way ahead on points despite being deducted one.

Anyone who had placed bets on Wilder to win knew early on that their wager was in deep trouble. Something just wasn’t right with the defending champion that night. Plenty of excuses have been made including the weight of his costume worn on the way to the ring. Wilder has to learn this isn’t WWE. There have also been accusations about what might have been in Fury’s gloves that night. Fury was guilty of throwing too many rabbit punches though. Wilder has to stop that happening in October.

Now comes the trilogy fight in Las Vegas next month.  It had looked as if we were set for Fury v Joshua, but a court ruling led to Fury v Wilder 3. This is such an important fight for Deontay Wilder, one he can’t afford to lose. A defeat will see him having two defeats and a draw from his last three fights and in danger of being left in the wilderness.

Wilder hasn’t had a fight since losing to Fury. Nor has his opponent in this title bout but Wilder is the one who really should have a warm-up fight. Doing so would have done his confidence the world of good. Getting a win on his record would have been an important step for him. Even more crucial he could have tried out in the ring what he’s been learning under new trainer Malik Scott.

Boxing is a great sport to place bets on. This is going to be a fight that will be so popular with gamblers. Not every state can place legal bets, but Illinois can with several sportsbooks available to bet at. Do your best to join a site that is according to Illinoisgambler safe and secure to gamble at.

Since that loss to Fury, Wilder has been busy trying to re-invent himself. He has to change if bets on him beating Fury in Las Vegas are to be winning ones. In the past, Wilder has been known for throwing single right-hand punches. He has the power to knock out an opponent with one shot, so why not employ that tactic? Well, it hasn’t worked against Fury, so a change is needed. Wilder has been seen throwing more combination punches in the gym.

Wilder knows he has the power to knock Fury down. More punches being thrown gives him the chance to get Fury down on the canvas. It’s similar to Rocky being taught new tactics by Apollo Creed to regain his title. This is real life though and the odds aren’t in Wilder’s favour.

His new tactics have to work, or he’ll lose again and just become another contender needing to work hard to get a title shot. You can bet Wilder never thought that might be the situation he could find himself in. Win the title and then he can fight the winner of Joshua v Usyk for all the gold. Which will it be?

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