These soldiers associated with Burkes have died in service to their country since 9/11.

The world changed 20 years ago.

Four commercial airliners were used to attack the United States by a terrorist organization that hates the country.

When the scene unfolded in New York, millions of people were watching in horror. Washington DC; and Shanksville.

Over the next 20 years, the United States has engaged in two wars to combat global terrorism.

The following are soldiers associated with Berks County who have died during their service to their country since 9/11.

Today we pay tribute to them.

Army Sergeant Orlando Morales-Rivera


Orlando Morales Rivera, 33, who grew up in Reading before moving to Puerto Rico, was killed in Afghanistan on March 29, 2003.

Army Ranger Morales Rivera was one of two U.S. soldiers who were killed when ambushed by four men on a motorcycle while patrolling near Gereshk.

Army Sergeant Andrew J. Batik


Andrew J. Badick, 26, whose father and stepmother live in Center Township, died in Iraq on September 29, 2003.

Badick, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, drowned in an attempt to rescue or recover a Humvee driver who had crashed into the Baghdad Canal.

Corporal Marin Ramona M. Valdes


Ramona M. Valdes, 20, whose mother lives in Reading, was killed in Iraq on June 23, 2005.

Valdes, a communications expert, was killed by a car bomber who committed suicide in Fallujah.

National Guard Anthony N. Cala Dean

Cala Dean

Anthony N. Karadeen, 26, whose mother lives in Reading, was killed in Iraq on August 8, 2005.

Karadeen, a member of the New York Naval Milit and a former Marine, was killed in firearms after a roadside bomb exploded next to his armored vehicle in Baghdad.

Army Specialist William V. Fernandez


William V. Fernandez, 37, of Lower Alsace Township, was killed on September 19, 2005 during a patrol in Iraq.

According to military officials, he was one of four soldiers who died in two roadside explosions during a patrol near Ramadi, a rebel base about 70 miles north of Baghdad.

Fernandez was assigned to the 1st Fleet, 104th Cavalry Regiment, and 28th Infantry Division of the Army National Guard.

Army Pfc.Travis C. Zimmerman


Travis C. Zimmerman, 19, of New Berlin Building, was killed in Baghdad, Iraq, on April 22, 2006.

Zimmerman belonged to the 101st Airborne Division, known as the “Screaming Eagles,” and the 502nd Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Battalion.

He was conducting a combat reconnaissance operation when the explosives exploded near the observation post.

Army Captain Nathan R. Louden Bush

Louden Bush

Nathan R. Rodenbush, 25, whose parents live in Earl Township, died on February 20, 2008, in southern Baghdad, Iraq, when his humvee was blown up.

Loudenbush was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division, 4th Brigade Combat Team, and 3rd Battalion of the 7th Infantry Regiment in Fort Stewart, Georgia.

The Reims Vaccaro Memorial was founded in 2012 in the Plaza Hall banquet hall at the Plaza Shopping Center in Muhlenberg Township. Vaccaro was a Navy seal in the area that died during training in 2008. (Ben Hasty / Reading Eagle)

Navy Senior Soldier Lance M. Vaccaro

Reading Lance M. Vaccaro, 35, died on March 6, 2008 during a parachute training near Marana, Arizona.

Navy Seal Vaccaro served in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Army Major John P. Prior

Dr. John P. Pryor, 42, from Moorestown, NJ, a Philadelphia-based surgeon and staff at Reading Hospital, died in Iraq on December 25, 2008. He majored in the Army Reserve Medical Corps.

Pryor was assigned to the Forward Surgery Team, 1st Medical Detachment in Fort Totten, NY, and died in Mosul, who was injured when a mortar ammunition collided near his settlement.

Navy Senior Guard Marine Corps Apprentice John D. Seitz

John D. Sates, 19, of Thinking Spring, was killed off the coast of Bahrain on December 26, 2008.

Seitz was an apprentice to a senior guard Marine assigned to the Navy Security Forces, Navy Support Operations Bahrain.

He died after being injured in an accident at a port named Minasalman during a nighttime clash between a military patrol boat and a moored barge.

Army Corporal Jonathan M. Walls


West Lawn’s Jonathan M. Walls, 27, was killed in Kandahar on August 1, 2009, when armed groups attacked a patrol with improvised explosive devices and rocket-propelled grenades.

Walls was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 12th Infantry Regiment, and 1st Battalion in Fort Carson, Colorado.

Two other soldiers were killed in the attack.

A monument to Anthony Vargas held at City Park in November 2013. Reading’s Roy Dagonzales organized the monument and is Vargas’s widow’s aunt.

Army Specialist Anthony Vargas

Reading’s Anthony Vargas, 27, was killed on November 8, 2010 in Nangarhar, eastern Afghanistan, after being injured when armed groups attacked troops using improvised explosive devices.

His car collided with a device during a patrol in the Khogyani district, which borders Pakistan.

Vargas was assigned to the 1st Company, 61st Cavalry Regiment, and 4th Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division (Airborne Division) in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Army Sergeant Sean M. Flannery


On November 22, 2010, Sean M. Flannery, 29, of Wyomissing was killed in Kandahar, near Zari District Station.

Squad leader Flannery was in a patrol vehicle when he was killed by an improvised explosive device.

Flannery was in his fourth mission, following two missions in Iraq and another in Afghanistan with both the 82nd Airborne Division and the 101st Airborne Division.

Army Sergeant Brian K. Moirey


Brian K. Moirey, 49, of Harifax, Dauphin County, was killed on July 18, 2011, near Bagram, Afghanistan, while working for the 131st Transport Company of the Kutztown-based Pennsylvania Guard. .. His fleet was attacked while transporting the necessary supplies.

Army National Guard Warrant Officer 2 Jarrett M. Yoda

Jarrett Yoda

Brecknock Township Jarrett M. Yoda, 26, was killed in eastern Afghanistan on April 9, 2013, when an Apache helicopter crashed during an Apache flight.

Yoda was assigned to Company B’s 1-104 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion.

He deployed in Iraq in 2008 with Company C, which is based in Kutztown, the 56th National Guard Stryker Brigade.

Air Force Captain Michael D. Torbira

Michael Torbira

Michael D. Torbira, 27, of Muhlenberg Township, died in a plane crash in Nebraska on July 24, 2016.

Torbira was training at the commercial Beechcraft Baron when he collided with the field.

He served at Offutt Air Force Base of the 45th Reconnaissance Squadron and co-operated the RC-135 on a variety of missions around the world, including tours in Japan, Alaska, Hawaii, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Al Udade. ..

These soldiers associated with Burkes have died in service to their country since 9/11.

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