These scenic promenades will be the perfect beach vacation

Take a walk along the historic promenade, where coastal views and seaside fun harmonize.

Here are five things to consider:

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Santa Cruz, California.

Affordable family fun since 1907, this West Coast promenade offers free entertainment and the opportunity to ride two rides that proudly claim the status of the National Historic Landmark.

The Giant Dipper, a red and white wooden roller coaster built in 1924 and featured in several movies, is a fan favorite. Don’t miss the Looff Carousel, which opened in 1911. It features one of the few remaining ring toss.

A rider riding an outside horse grabs a ring from a dispenser while spinning and throws it into the gaping open mouth of a large clown, ringing a bell and flashing lights. View the ocean away from games, mini golf and laser tags. You may see dolphins, sea lions and otters swimming offshore.

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Atlantic City Board Walk.Atlantic City, NJ

Take a walk on this historic promenade, which is considered the oldest and longest promenade in the country. Since the first wooden boards were placed in 1870, sidewalks have served as the centerpiece of the resort city.

Today, families can ride their bikes during the morning hours, sample endless pastry menus, and explore arcade halls and museums. Family-friendly movies, Boardwalk Broadway, and other music entertainment begin during warmer climates.

Adjacent to the famous promenade is Steel Pier, which has a flashy amusement park that appeals to children of all ages. Request a free visitor guide or download it from our website.

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Myrtle Beach Board Walk.Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The region’s 60-mile beaches have long provided a playground for sea and sunshine lovers. The addition of the 1.2-mile promenade adds new vibrancy to this beach town and provides a hub for entertainment and activities.

Expect plenty of dining options, shopping and music, as well as intermittent green spaces for sea views and picnics and play. Kids will enjoy a weekly carnival that promises face painters, bounce houses, balloon artists and stilt pedestrians.

Other seasonal fun on the promenade includes fireworks displays, live bands, acrobats, and fire shows.

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Ocean Front Walk. Venice Beach, California.

Take a walk on this scenic promenade, where the beauty of rollerblades, bikes, or beachfronts combines surf culture commerce and bohemian style to create an array of stunning and colorful activities. ..

Expect intermittent performances by farmer’s market-style jewelry and art, aura leaders, tattoo artists, jugglers, human statues, and magicians. Stop by for breakfast or lunch at the beachfront café and keep an eye on your favorite celebrities.

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Rehobos Beach Board Walk, Rehobos, Dell.

Visit this family-friendly beach community and spend a relaxing beach vacation. The festive promenade, first built in 1873, has not lost its famous vintage atmosphere.

After a day on the vast beaches, sample Dolls Saltwater Tuffy sweets, ride a jolly trolley and let kids enjoy the retro Funrunde Amusement Center. Enjoy rides, shooting galleries, pinball machines, arcade games and more. You can get a glimpse of the fun that you enjoyed as a child.

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These scenic promenades will be the perfect beach vacation

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