These Met Gala look in honor of those who have reached the limits of Guildid Age | Entertainment

The MET Gala Returning to the typical first Monday of May this week, celebrities praised this year’s theme “Golden charm” Tighten the waist, drag the coattail, and plenty of tulle.

However, some A-list participants interpreted the theme through the lens of those who reached the limits of the workforce that made Guild Age in the late 19th century very prosperous for white Americans. Read why these seemed so meaningful to the celebrities who wore them.

A subtle nod to Gabrielle Union’s Guilded Age black community

Gabrielle Union, wearing a feathery train and a silver Versace gown with oversized red flowers on her hips, shimmered in Metgara in honor of the unsung black Americans of the golden age.

“When we think of this country’s Guildid Age and the black and brown people, this country is made up of our backs, our blood, sweat, and tears,” Union told the red carpet host La La Anthony. Told. “So we add these red crystals to represent the blood spilled from the backs of blacks and people of this country during the accumulation of a small number of total wealth during the Guilded Age.”

Union said it looked late and paid homage. Diahann CarrollOne of the first black actresses to star in Prime Time Sitcom I wore a similar dress (Completed with red flowers) 1960.

Riz Ahmed Honors 19th Century Migrant Workers

“It runs the city,” he said of the immigrant community, which has long been an integral part of the success of New York and other metropolitan areas throughout history. “I’m just trying to celebrate and enhance that immigrant culture.”

Millions of immigrants He emigrated to the United States during the Guilded Age and contributed to the economic boom that most migrant workers were unable to attend. Low wages, dangerous working conditions, and lack of support from new countries have put the industry at a disadvantage for migrant workers who have made the United States a giant.

Angel Salvadoran American designer Angelo Ultia has created an Ahmed look with the Brand 4S design. Said Immigrants “created a golden era” on Instagram [sic] And all ages. “

Sarah Jessica Parker highlights 19th century black designers

Wear color-blocked black, white, and gray gowns (I don’t wear a hoodie, so wear a flashy hat) Christopher John RogersWith the “Sex and the City” star Gala guests I met frequently Honored the black designer who worked on the pre-guild age work.

Elizabeth Hobs SkeckleyThe first black woman to design fashion for White House residents like First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, Similar gown -Gingham, Fuss-For Lincoln in 1862, a few years before the technical beginning of Guildido Age. Rogers’ interpretation was a modern nod to Keckley’s pioneering work, he said.

“The idea was to emphasize the dichotomy between the luxury and highest proportions of the times and the disparities that were occurring in America at the time,” Rogers said. trend..

Questlove’s coat was designed by a black female quilter in Alabama

Questlove The oversized matte black coat is a practical fashion with hundreds of years of history.

The seemingly simple style Designers Greg Lauren and G’s Bend Women, Alabama’s historically black community.The residents of J’s Bend After the 1800s Recently gaining national attention as an example of textile art, I created a complex kilt for practical purposes.

“I wanted to represent, as you know, for African Americans in this country,” said a recent Oscar winner. Said For the red carpet of Met Gala. “The golden age is a little different in our story. I wanted to emphasize the black women who sacrificed for the country.”

These Met Gala look in honor of those who have reached the limits of Guildid Age | Entertainment

Source link These Met Gala look in honor of those who have reached the limits of Guildid Age | Entertainment

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