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Philadelphia’s Love Park (Photo via Flickr Commons)

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Deciding where to live and where to support a family is a big decision for everyone. From affordable housing to the quality of local schools, there are numerous variables that influence this resulting decision.

In a new study Financial Literacy Site, WalletHub, Compared more than 180 American cities with 48 key indicators such as affordable housing, quality of education, and recreational opportunities, and created a list of the most family-friendly cities in the country.

Below, we’ll take a look at the top 10 best and 10 worst places to feed your family, the ranking of cities in Pennsylvania, and advice from experts on how cities can attract families.

10 Great Places to Feed Your Family:
1. Overland Park, Kansas.
2. Fremont, California
3. Irvine, California.
4. Plano, Texas
5. Columbia, Maryland
6. South Burlington, Vermont
7. Seattle, Washington.
8. Scottsdale, Arizona.
9. Gilbert, Arizona.
10. Madison, Wisconsin.

10 Worst Places to Feed Your Family:
1. Detroit, Michigan.
2. Cleveland, Ohio
3. Memphis, Tennessee.
4. Hialeah, Florida.
5. Newark, NJ
6. Birmingham, Alabama.
7. Wilmington, Dell.
8. San Bernardino, California.
9. Miami, Florida.
10. Montgomery, Alabama.

The two largest cities in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, finished in 145th and 55th, respectively. WalletHub It is a ranking list. Conversely, Philadelphia ranked fourth on the ranking list in the country with the most playgrounds per capita. And Pittsburgh ranked third in the country as the most affordable home. WalletHub..

Cycling on the North Shore (Pittsburgh City Paper Photo).

I was asked what the city could do to make it an attractive city for young families. Pennsylvania State University Demographer and human development expert Susan M. McHale Refers to school and public safety.

“Promote parental involvement, welcome diverse families, invest in schools with high graduation rates, provide a strong financial base with meaningful and well-paid jobs, and more generally welcome diverse communities Create a culture that promotes community security through well-trained police with strong ties to the community. ” McHaleWho is the director Pennsylvania State Institute of Social Sciences, And its deputy director Clinical Translational Science Institute,Said WalletHub..

“A safe area to walk in, such as parks, accessible full-service grocery stores, public transport options, and dealing with building devastation, is also an important resource (for all family and community members).” McHale Said.

Pennsylvania State Capitol. (Capital star photo by Kathy Mirror.)

Prior to 4 appointments, upcoming public comment sessions, Marley Fisher You need to be up to date on plans to consolidate six of the 14 state universities in Pennsylvania into two regional campuses.

At the city hall on Tuesday Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, House Minority Leader, Joanna Clinton, D-Philadelphia, And other supporters Called for reforms to Pennsylvania’s archaic felony murder law, parish Also reports.

The Pennsylvania County Commission reiterated on Tuesday calling for urgent help from state legislators. Pass two major reform measures before they go home I report that during the summer vacation, if we didn’t act, the results would be worse and voters would be dissatisfied.

Eleven generics for the treatment of HIV have been launched on the market and their list prices have risen. Our brother site, Ohio Capital Journal, Explain how and why it happened..

Pennsylvania Cities As part of Amtrak’s proposal, 15 new round trips may be seen. Be our partner to expand our services in Keystone Pittsburgh City Paper report.

On our commentary page Philadelphia Tribune columnist Michael Coard Examine the shameful legacy of the Tulsa race massacre, Celebrated its 100th anniversary on Tuesday. Two Democrats Make a claim to pass the “red flag” law That way, you can remove the gun from the hands of those who threaten to harm you or others. Congress cannot directly modify the local police station, It can impede the flow of federal funds To local law enforcement agencies that do not change the way Rutgers University Written by a professor of law.

(Via image Philadelphia Tribune)

Other places.
Philadelphia City Council
To tell Mayor Jim Kenney Proposed gun violence budget Not go enough, Questioner I will report.
Allegheny County leaders pressed for the proceedings on Tuesday Federal funds to build the northern district of Monster Rancher Highway, Post gusset I will report.
Pen live Think about the end of a snowy day..
During a stop in Lancaster County on Tuesday, Governor Tom Wolf Called the State Charter School Law “Worst in the whole country” Lancaster Online Report (paywall).
morning Call See what happens next, The state has lifted almost all COVID-19 restrictions (Paywall).
Luzerne County officials Scheduled to summarize the total of written votes From today’s May 18th primary Citizen’s voice I will report.

Today’s #Pittsburgh Instagram is:

When Philadelphia resumes SEPTA is calling for the return of riders, WHYY-FM I will report.
Pennsylvania State Beaver Stadium Full operation resumes for the 2021 football season, WPSU-FM Report (via WITF-FM).
Goelly Tell your readers what to expect When a local movie theater lifts the pandemic restriction (Paywall).
US Senate Seat in Pennsylvania Most likely to reverse in 2022, According to new CNN Evaluation (via Political PA).
What could go wrong: West Virginia Offers shotguns and hunting rifles As part of the vaccine lottery Talking Point Memo I will report.

What’s happening
Livestreaming at 10am: Senate Democratic Party Policy Committee
10am, G50 Arvis: House of Representatives / Labor / Industry Committee Employment / Unemployment Subcommittee
Livestreaming at 1:00 pm: House Democratic Party Policy Committee
1:00 pm G50 Arvis: House of Representatives / Labor / Industry Committee Employment / Unemployment Subcommittee (continued)

Wolf watch.
Governor Tom Wolf
There are no plans to release it today.

You say it’s your birthday department.
Happy new year Jana Benscoter,of Pen live, A person celebrating today. Congratulations and enjoy your day.

Heavy Rotation.
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Free hockey rink on Wednesday.
Taken the lead of the 2-0 series Carolina Tuesday night, When Bolt defeats “Kane’s” 2-1 so PNC Arena. Series heads for Tampa Amalie Arena For game 3.

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These are the best and worst places to support a family in the United States. What’s wrong? | Wednesday morning coffee

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