The Yankees stormed back in the 9th inning and defeated the Astros 7-6 in the Clutch Aaron Hicks HR – Reading Eagle

Aaron Hicks? Yes, Aaron Hicks.

The Yankees hero was an outfielder who was often ridiculed and sometimes never seen on Thursday night. His three runs, an unquestionable home run, were tied at the bottom of the ninth inning. After five batters, Aaron Judge’s walk-off liner to the left fielder corner gave the Yankees an unlikely 7-6 victory.

Hicks had a slugging percentage of only .288 towards the game. This is the eighth lowest number among players with at least 200 at-bats. It was irrelevant for his late-game confrontation with the Astros’ closer Ryan Pressly. All that matters is the ball meeting bat, and Hicks did it with the power of catharsis.

In a cry that he was overrated, overpaid, and overhead, the point towards the sky of Hicks when he hit a home run showed one thing: I’m beyond all of it. increase.

Jose Trevino chased the middle with a single on the 7th pitch at bat. What the Yankees lacked in the previous eight innings was a sort of turn at bat, unable to understand either Framber Valdez or the first two rescuers in Houston. Valdes went to his sinker over and over again in a big place. At the end of his day, 62 of Valdes’ 101 pitches were sinkers. The Yankees were frequently left behind by referees as 17 sinkers landed for what was called a strike. After all, 32% of his sinkers led to what is called a strike or hoif. The average pitcher in 2022 has a 27.5% chance of being called a strike or hoif.

It took only 20 minutes for Presley and his successor, Lighty Ryne Stanek, to ruin it all. They didn’t need it, given that virtually everything is going well this season, but the Yankees’ nine times have greatly boosted their spirit. Their comeback has shown their determination to be one of the hardest teams to beat them in September, October, and because of the poor souls that have to confront them now.

The Yankees don’t just win the game. You win the game when your opponent achieves 95%. It’s still A, but the Yankees are at A + level. Base hits seemed inevitable when the judges stepped into the plate with two outs and two runners on. After eight wasted rallies, the spectators were completely back in the game, thanks to a walk in front of Hicks’ Homer and DJ LeMahieu’s slappy judge. When the judges’ balls touched the grass on the left, they were completely cored. Just like that, a clean, perhaps positive game for the Astros was a loss.

Houston recorded their run in a bunch, but it could only be done early on. They started with the first three and worked on the third three. The heart of their order actually runs from 1 to 6, but remains completely horrifying. Built like a statue of Cleat, Jordan Alvarez continued his up-and-coming MVP case. The award is still lost to Aaron Judge, but Alvarez unveiled it at the first Yankee Stadium recital of the year. The Astros left-handed laser show, which played for television viewers across the country on MLB Network, took place 2-5 with 3 RBIs, thanks to a heat-detecting missile to the right-wing hand seat.

Alex Bregman matched him with his own three-run smash when fans soon returned to the field. Both sluggers damaged Jameson Taillon. Jameson Taillon is arguably the worst start of the otherwise great season. Taillon’s final line showed 10 hits, 6 earned runs and 9 hits, which the Astros smashed at over 100 mph.

Despite the very limited offensive output of the Yankees’ first eight frames, shots into the cheap seats of Alvarez and Bregman weren’t enough to make the Astros W. Giancarlo Stanton first turned a lazy flyball into the opposite field homer, though he didn’t want to do it. At a launch angle of 34 degrees, Stanton’s ball was held in the air long enough to send the entire stadium through the familiar thinking process when looking at a unique batter. .. “It doesn’t come out, right? He barely seemed to shake. Wow, it’s in the second deck.”

But then nine times happened. Presley and Staneck melted while the Yankees held firmly. If they feel they may never lose, it’s because of the game, the players, and the moments like this. As Frank Sinatra’s crooners on the team’s trademark song, they want to be part of it.


The Yankees stormed back in the 9th inning and defeated the Astros 7-6 in the Clutch Aaron Hicks HR – Reading Eagle

Source link The Yankees stormed back in the 9th inning and defeated the Astros 7-6 in the Clutch Aaron Hicks HR – Reading Eagle

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