The WB Area School Board will keep the sale of Myers High School intact and limit tax increases

Planes TWP. — The Wilkes-Barre Regional Board of Education was expected to vote to end the Myers High School sales contract at Wednesday’s monthly meeting, but solicitor Ray Wendrowski said earlier that day. Call to and more time.

Last spring, the board arranged to sell the Carey Avenue site to developer Shlomo Lugashi for $ 2 million. The building was expected to be reused as a living support facility while maintaining the façade.

Wendrowski said a motion to withdraw was put on the agenda because the project was stagnant and Lugashi did not complete the required “due diligence” within the time specified in the sales contract. And the sale of the completed Kafrin High School.

The sale agreement remains valid as the motion to withdraw has been submitted, but the board will only relist the property on Lewith and Freeman Real Estate, although Wendrowski said it would only take place if the current transaction was closed. Decided to pass a companion motion to do so. finished.

The sale of Myers seemed uncertain, but the board posted 37.34 acres of vacant property along South Empire Street in Wilkes-Barre. Approved a deal to sell to the partnership for $ 750,000.

The board also proceeded with the planning of a new high school athletic facility by approving the two agreements. The first is the structure of a new field house, ticket booth and kiosk by Breslin Ridyard Fadero Architects in Allentown. The architect receives 5.75% to 6.75% of the total working cost, depending on the final cost.

The other is to collaborate with Geo-Science Engineering and Testing, LLC in Jessup, PA to conduct construction test services for the athletic complex. The contract includes consulting, project and subcontracting costs, and a detailed pricing for lab services.

The Board then approved a motion to keep property tax increases for fiscal year 2022-3 within the state’s maximum known as the First Law Index. This year’s district limit is 4.9%. Voting does not mean that there is a tax increase, but you can allow the district to pass the reserve budget until the end of May.

Board too:

• Approved contracts with Imagine Learning in Provo, Utah for five Imagine Language and Literacy Site Licenses totaling $ 150,000 over three years. “Providing a complete suite of adaptive digital curriculum and assessment solutions for PreK-8, providing unmatched excellence in language development and accelerating learning across all student subjects,” said Imagine Learning. I am proud of it.

• Voted to amend the contract between the district and Maxim Healthcare Services to include renewed rates. Prices range from $ 30 per hour for educational assistants to $ 115 for board-certified behavioral analysts.

• Approved tax payment agreements with Spring Brook Memorial, LLC and King’s College. Spring Brook owns two groups of properties that are rented to King’s College, a non-profit organization. The agreement concerns the payment of taxes instead of taxes to the school district, Wilkes-Barre City and Luzerne County. Instead of paying property taxes, Kings College will set up a $ 75,000 annual scholarship fund for city, county, and school district employees and their families, with $ 25,000 paid to each tax institution. We offer 10% discount and priority access to King’s College’s Bright Horizons Day Care facility. It exempts all three taxable King facilities from rental fees and provides free access to King’s Robert L. Bettsler Athletic Complex on availability.

• Updated flood insurance coverage for assets in districts along Carry Avenue and Old River Road. The annual cost per location is $ 9,967.

• Signed a contract with the Plains Township Police Department to process special details at a rate of $ 40 per hour and a minimum of 3 hours per hour.

• Amended a field work contract with Stell Enterprises, who worked in the field at the new high school, to provide high school snow removal ranging from $ 100 to $ 175 per hour, depending on the vehicle required.

• BCM Security Services, Inc. We have amended our contract with you to increase the hourly rate charged for security from $ 15.50 per hour to $ 16.50 per hour.

• Nutrition, Inc. We raised the hourly wages paid to our employees by 50 cents, depending on the size of their current wages, to $ 2 per hour, and raised the driver’s starting wages to $ 15 per hour. Nutrition Inc. serves the district cafeteria.

• Approved four change orders at a total cost of $ 121,292. The maximum amount is $ 61,054 for Stell Enterprises, which is used for additional line striping and signs, sidewalks, topsoil and sowing, and signals and related equipment required by the State Department of Transportation.

An additional $ 8,663 is from Quandel Construction Group, Inc. Sent to, there are roof flushing, casework, countertops. The total of the third change order is $ 4,224, Everon Electrical Contractors, Inc. Will be sent to. Of ducts, manholes, duct banks and related materials and work.

• Created a position and appointed Margo Serafini as Director of Early Childhood Education, Sean Flynn as Director of Secondary Education, and Michael Krzywicki as District Engineer / Director of Physical Plants. Director Brian Costello said the education director’s post needs to improve overall education services at the low school level. Serafini and Ryan are already working in the district and there is no salary increase for the change.

Krzywicki is Apollo Group, Inc., a company contracted as a district project manager. I work at. Krzywicki represented Apollo at the district conference and has overseen many of the new constructions. A new position in the district was offered to him with a starting salary of $ 129,000.

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The WB Area School Board will keep the sale of Myers High School intact and limit tax increases

Source link The WB Area School Board will keep the sale of Myers High School intact and limit tax increases

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