The wardrobe is looking for clothes to help Afghan refugees settle in the Philadelphia region.Lifestyle

Almost every closet has a shirt sitting behind it waiting for a special occasion that never comes. It may still be tagged. Maybe it’s waiting for its owner to lose weight. A year has passed and the shirt hasn’t been touched! It’s time to give it up! literally! Donate for good reason.

Recently, thousands have arrived in the Philadelphia region, escaping control of the Taliban, which is now in power in Afghanistan. Men, women, children and families left the country for fear of their lives, carrying only clothes on their backs. Imagine being in a new country and fleeing a repressive and murderous regime under the underwear you’ve been traveling for days.

Thankfully, there are wardrobe-like organizations, officially known as career wardrobes, that collect clothes to help these Afghan refugees. In collaboration with the National Service Center, the wardrobe is one of the non-profit organizations that provides clothing to thousands of these refugees. They have been dressing people in need in the Philadelphia region for free for 26 years. Like food and housing, clothing is an essential need. Collecting enough clothing to fit all shapes and sizes and, in this case, to meet the religious beliefs of thousands of Afghan refugees is a major task.

Sherikor is the secretary-general of the wardrobe and says they have worked with the Nationality Service Center for six years and assisted them in the resettlement program for immigrants. Sheri says the wardrobe has become a “clothing arm” for all the refugees they are helping.

“The Nationalities Service Center supports them with a 90-day resettlement period, so they have to help find housing, imminent food demand, and jobs – all of which are really difficult. Our part is a bit simpler. We have a list of people and their sizes and preferences, and what we are doing is a starter wardrobe called a “wardrobe box”. Is to put together, “says Cole.

Each box contains a variety of pants, tops, underwear and dresses. Basically whatever a person needs. The wardrobe is asking for help. They are looking for very specific clothing donations, especially for this population. They need new or gently used and clean traditional Islamic clothing, especially hijabs, scarves and burqas. They also accept what Cole calls “modest clothing.” She described it as an unobtrusive, flowing garment that completely covered her body, arms and trousers, which descended to her knees and to her ankles.

“Don’t donate this or cut-off jeans shorts to your tank top. That wouldn’t be right,” Cole jokes warmly.

Long-sleeved shirts, large scarves that can be wrapped, and shoes of all genders are also collected. When it comes to underwear, the wardrobe is looking for new items. New unused socks, underwear and bras of all genders are only accepted with tags or packaging. If you can’t donate the news, you can also buy a gift card from Visa, Target, Walmart, and more.

The wardrobe also encourages the purchase of traditional Islamic clothing from local stores to help evacuees and support nearby businesses. “One of the questions we are asking is whether they prefer Western-style clothing or traditional clothing, and for those who get the box based on it. You can pack the boxes, “says Cole. Children’s clothing is provided by another organization, Cradles To Crayons, so we only accept clothing for adults 16 years and older. Bath amenities are also available.

Now is the time to consider cleaning your closet or donating gift cards and toiletries. Cole also mentioned the overflow of support she saw and how we are the “giving country” of people. “If we can prepare people for success and integrate them into society and our community, our community will be better in the long run. Studies show that migrants are here. I’ll work almost immediately. Let’s start giving back soon, “she said.

Get a complete list of what you need at Donations are accepted at stores in Philadelphia (413 N 4th St.) and Landsdown (62 W. Marshall Rd.). The preferred time for donating clothing is Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11:00 pm to 5:00 pm. You can also mail it to 444 N 3rd St to “Care of the Wardrobe”.

Donations are tax deductible. There is a QR code on the donation form to receive the receipt!

“Don’t miss the tunic top behind the closet. You can pass it on. That really means something,” says Cole.

The wardrobe is looking for clothes to help Afghan refugees settle in the Philadelphia region.Lifestyle

Source link The wardrobe is looking for clothes to help Afghan refugees settle in the Philadelphia region.Lifestyle

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