The village nightclub reopened in 1971-at a psychedelic light show [Lancaster That Was] | History

Excerpts and summaries of news articles from the former Intelligence Journal, Lancaster New Era and Sunday News, focusing on the county’s past notable, pressworthy, or simply bizarre events.

25 years ago

In 1996, Hershey’s Pennsylvania Police Academy was looking for new employees, especially those who were four-legged and weighed about 1,200 pounds.

The state police mounted unit was a bit short of mounts, so the academy opened it to the public for donations. The call brought two new geldings, Apollo and Arden, together for training.

The academy stables could accommodate 28 horses. With the current total of 24 horses donated, there was still a need for more donations of healthy horses between the ages of 5 and 15.

Over the years, many horses have been donated to state police-some are retired racehorses, some are family pets, and one has been left to the army in a will.

New horse recruits were ready to undergo extensive training, including everything from learning to walk on strange surfaces to adapting to shooting.

In the heading:

FBI Searches Olympic Guards Home // Authorities say they haven’t been charged with the bombing yet

Wheaties redesigning the box to showcase Olympic heroes

Safer Vaccine for Whooping Cough Get FDA Approval

Check out the Intelligencer Journal here, August 1, 1996.

50 years ago

The Village Nightclub was ready for a grand reopening in 1971, with a brand new light show at the top of the list of upgrades.

The club needs to move from its original location on East Chestnut Street to give way to the Duke Street Parking Garage, and owners Peter Fotis and John Patunis want to maintain the layout and feel of the original location. However, the dance has undergone major changes: floors and lighting fixtures.

Lighting was explained in Sunday News as “unlike what we’ve ever experienced” in Lancaster’s nightlife history. The sunken dance floor was covered with 64 translucent plastic tiles, with sound-sensitive lighting underneath, so the illuminated floor was flashing in different colors to the music. Strobe lights were installed throughout the dance floor, and luminaires of various colors hung on the ceiling, bathing dancers, performers, and walls with colored washes and projected images.

The more traditional cut-glass “discoball”, long before the advent of disco, complemented the display, as did kaleidoscope projectors and a series of psychedelic blacklight murals.

In the heading:

Apollo 15 explorer investigates Moon Mountain base

Viet Cong links prisoners of war, pullouts

The Vice President approaches as a special envoy to the Middle East

Check out the news on Sunday, August 1, 1971 here.

75 years ago

The national post-war trend found its way to Lancaster in 1946 as returning veterans trying to start a family took advantage of the new development of “prefabricated” housing.

Prefabricated homes were cheap and quick to build in response to both housing shortages and the post-WWII suburbanization trend.

In Lancaster, Frank Gentur, 25, was issued the first post-war prefabricated home building permit.

Other prefabricated homes were under construction in the county, from Lancaster Township to Quarry Building.

Lancaster realtor J. Herbertfell said all his customers looking for prefabricated homes were military personnel who recently returned from the war. As of August 1, 1946, he ordered 50 homes. He wanted to build 20 units by the end of the year and the rest in the spring of 1947.

In the heading:

Truman tells all institutions to save

Trieste project is attacked by Yugoslavs

Three submarines missing on the lagoon floor

Check out the new era of Lancaster, August 1, 1946, here.

100 years ago

On July 31, 1921, a 20-minute hail storm struck Lancaster County, destroying a large band of tobacco and corn.

Damage to crops was estimated at thousands of dollars. Hail is so large and so large that it has been reported that it took more than an hour for the ice globules to melt, even in the scorching sun after a storm.

The storm struck most violently near the Susquehanna River between Conestoga and Safe Harbor.

In the heading:

Secret veil in Irish peace talks

Taft swears as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Check out Lancaster Intelligencer here, August 1, 1921.

The village nightclub reopened in 1971-at a psychedelic light show [Lancaster That Was] | History

Source link The village nightclub reopened in 1971-at a psychedelic light show [Lancaster That Was] | History

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