The U.S. women’s team has a new atmosphere and has something to do before the World Cup

Since the Tokyo Olympics, the transformation of the US women’s national team has been an important year.

The World Cup defending champion has a young talent and a new look, and coach Vratko Andnovsky has taken a more subtle approach by fine-tuning the team’s traditional candid and speedy attacks.

The players say something more is happening. There was a change in the atmosphere of the team.

The United States has withdrawn from the CONCACAFW Championship and won the spot at the 2023 World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

At the start of the tournament in Monterrey, Mexico, they seemed a bit confused, but they beat their opponents 13-0 and defeated rival Canada (the team that beat them at the Olympics). I won the title.

“The atmosphere of the team is really great,” said midfielder Andy Sullivan after the team raised the tournament trophy. “A blend of senior leaders and young players. For some players it’s the first tournament and for some players this is their twelfth tournament. I think the blend is great. Long journeys, long tournaments That energy later was one of the most enjoyable days we had. “

Midfielder Rose Label also attributed the team’s new mood to a mix of youth and veterans.

“This is arguably the most difficult qualifying tournament I’ve participated in and the credit of all the teams. Everyone is getting better and it’s getting harder to win,” Ravel said. “So I think it was a good taste for everyone to have such a high pressure moment of high stakes and a good experience to go to the World Cup.”

A year ago, the US team sought to be the first team to win the Olympic gold medal following the World Cup Trophy. However, they were short of uneven tournaments for them, and the United States could only win bronze medals.

In response, Andnovsky set out to rebuild the team, attract young players and confuse the lineup. According to Alex Morgan, Andnovsky also takes a different approach to each game based on his opponents.

“If we’re in the World Cup and asked if we’re ready for the World Cup tomorrow, we’re probably not ready,” Andnovsky said. But will we be ready within a year? absolutely. “

As the transformation since the Olympics has been marked, the US teams playing in Australia and New Zealand next summer will certainly look different than the teams playing in Mexico.

Crystal Dunn and Julie Ertz will probably be back from maternity leave. Players who were not included in the qualifying due to injury, such as Catarina Macario, Sam Mewis, Lynn Williams, Abby Dahlkemper, Tierna Davidson and Christen Press, may participate.

Sophia Smith, Mallory Pugh, Alana Cook, Emily Fox and Ashley Sanchez are among the young players who joined the team as regulars. And there are many prospects waiting for a chance, like Sam Coffey and Carson Pickett.

Then there’s the veterinarian: Becky Sauerbrunn and Megan Rapinoe will both be 38 next year. Alyssa Neihar is 35 years old. Alex Morgan and Kelli O’Hara are 34 years old.

“I think we’ll be building those relationships in the next few months,” Smith said. “Obviously, this is a new group with lots of young faces, learning to play with and play at this stage, so learn to manage it, work together and keep growing. I think we’re doing better every day we’re together. “

Fortunately for players, they have a year to understand it all. The journey begins in earnest in September, when the team hosts Nigeria for a friendly match.

“I think we’re gaining momentum. We’re doing better to read the game faster and understand it in the field. But what the coach gave us We need to understand, “Morgan said. “We all have to agree. If you try to play in a particular structure, you can’t prevent one or two players from taking the original action, as it will ruin the entire game flow. I think it’s important to know that — it’s free to play, but knowing your role, and it will change from game to game. “

The U.S. women’s team has a new atmosphere and has something to do before the World Cup

Source link The U.S. women’s team has a new atmosphere and has something to do before the World Cup

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