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The trial of a difficult Myanmar leader begins.Critics say they accuse fake – NBC10 Philadelphia

Myanmar’s exiled leader Aung San Suu Kyi tried on Monday on charges of many observers criticizing her democratic elections as an attempt by military junta to outlaw her democratic elections and undermine her political future. It was decided to be called.

Suu Kyi’s indictment has been the biggest challenge for the 75-year-old National League for Democracy since the military coup in February, which hampered the second five-year term following last year’s landslide victory.

Human Rights Watch said the allegations heard in the special court in the capital Naypyidaw were “false and political motives” aimed at nullifying the victory and preventing Soo Chi from running for office again. Blame.

“This trial is clearly the first salvo of the overall strategy to neutralize Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy as a force to challenge future military regimes,” said Phil Robertson, Deputy Director of Asia for the organization. Said.

Myanmar troops seized control of the country, imprisoned its leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and claimed unfounded fraud in recent November elections.

On February 1, the military seized power before the new lawmaker was seated and arrested special advisers Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint, along with other government members and the ruling party. The coup has reversed many years of slow progress towards strengthening Myanmar’s democracy.

The military cited the government’s failure to properly investigate allegations of voting fraud as a reason for seizing power. This is an allegation disputed by the independent Asian Free Election Network and many others. Junta officials have threatened to dissolve the National League for Democracy on suspicion of being involved in fraudulent elections, and convictions against Suu Kyi could see her locked out of politics.

Military junta claims to have a new election within next or two years, but the country’s army has a long history of promising elections and is not running it. The military ruled Myanmar for 50 years after the 1962 coup and put Suu Kyi under house arrest for 15 years after the failure of the 1988 mass uprising.

The recent acquisition of the military has triggered a nationwide protest that continues despite violent crackdowns that have killed hundreds of people. Although the number and scale of street demonstrations has shrunk, military junta is now facing low levels of armed rebellion by enemies in both rural and urban areas.

Myanmar soldiers and police used deadly forces to curb the latest protests against last month’s coup when the army celebrated its annual Armed Forces Day parade on Saturday, the capital of the country.

Soo Chi illegally imports transceivers for two charges: the use of bodyguards, the unauthorized use of radios, the dissemination of information that could cause public vigilance and anxiety, and the alleged violation of natural disaster management laws. He is being tried on allegations that he has done so. Her lawyer said on Sunday that she broke the pandemic limit during the 2020 campaign.

“All these accusations should be withdrawn, and as a result, she should be released immediately and unconditionally,” said Robertson of Human Rights Watch. For military junta, she is unlikely to have a fair trial. “

Government prosecutors need to finish the presentation by June 28, after which Suu Kyi’s defense team needs to announce the proceedings by July 26, said Kin Maung Sau, a senior member of the team. Said last week. Court sessions will be held every Monday and Tuesday.

The other two more serious claims are processed separately. Suu Kyi was charged with violating the Colonial Secrets Act, which sentenced him to up to 14 years in prison, and police said last week that a politician convicted of bribery was sentenced to a maximum of 15 years in prison and a fine.

Suu Kyi faced the first indictment a few days after the coup, but was not allowed to consult a lawyer immediately. Only on May 24, when she first actually appeared in court, she was allowed the first meeting of two brief face-to-face meetings at a pre-trial hearing. Her only previous appearance was by video link.

A photo of her appearance on May 24, released by state media, shows her sitting straight in a small courtroom, wearing a pink face mask and her hands on her knees. Alongside her, there were two co-defendants, former president and former mayor of Naypyidaw, Myo Aung, on several charges.

According to one of the lawyers, Min Min Saw, the three were able to meet with the defense team for about 30 minutes before the hearing began in a special court set up inside the Naypyidaw City Council building. “As always, it seems healthy, alert and wise,” said Suu Kyi, senior lawyer Khin Maung Zaw.

The trial of a difficult Myanmar leader begins.Critics say they accuse fake – NBC10 Philadelphia

Source link The trial of a difficult Myanmar leader begins.Critics say they accuse fake – NBC10 Philadelphia

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