The teen wanted to shoot at Monco’s bowling alley, where one was killed and four were injured.State and region

Police are searching for a 17-year-old boy sought after in connection with a mass shooting at a popular East Norriton bowling alley on Saturday night, killing 29-year-old Frank Wade and four. A relative was injured.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said at a press conference Sunday afternoon that Jamel Barnwell should leave the scene with a gun and consider it armed and dangerous.

“This was a crowded bowling alley,” Steele said. “There were 50 to 75 patrons. Many of the patrons at this bowling alley were young children.”

The shootings at Our Town Alley, formerly known as Faconda Whitaker Lanes, shook community members. Community members enjoy the 24-hour spot on Sweden Road, a popular place for children and families, where people of all ages relax and play. The facility has been expanded to include laser tags and arcades.

“This meaningless violence in family entertainment facilities in our community is unacceptable,” the Norristown Area School District Board of Directors said in a statement. “For years, this place has been home to the NAHS Eagles bowling team and was the first job for some students. It’s a place to relax and enjoy spending time with the family.”

The school district supports students and families affected by the shooting and proposes to contact the coaching counselor and principal.

According to law enforcement agencies, Barnwell entered the alleys of our town at around 6:39 pm. Within two minutes Barnwell called the two companions, and at 6:42 pm Steele said the quarrel had begun between Barnwell and Wade.

Wade was his father and an ambitious chef who was planning to open a food truck, his wife told NBC10.

According to Steele, he was visiting the bowling alley with his Philadelphia family at the time of filming. Four of Wade’s family were injured when Barnwell shot a .45 caliber pistol 15 times in an extended magazine.

“He also shoots Mr Wade while he’s on the ground,” Steele said, adding that it’s unclear if Barnwell and Wade knew each other.

The district attorney said Barnwell, whose last address is on Beverly Avenue in Upper Darby, is not legally allowed to carry guns.

The other four victims were 19-year-old Ahmir Simmons shot in the abdomen, 21-year-old Yahnirr Brooks shot in the leg, and 26-year-old Robert Oliver shot in the back. , And 31-year-old Shamir Jones was also shot in the foot. According to Steele, the family of four is stable in a local hospital.

Montco DAO has filed accusations against Barnwell, including a single murder, a deliberate intentional killing, and an exacerbated assault.

Barnwell’s cell phone was recovered on-site and contained a selfie of him posing with a .45 caliber pistol.

Steele, who said he was surprised at the photo, warned others who were thinking of getting a weapon.

“We hope that at some point people will receive a message so that they don’t commit murder in Montgomery County to resolve the murder,” Steele said.

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The teen wanted to shoot at Monco’s bowling alley, where one was killed and four were injured.State and region

Source link The teen wanted to shoot at Monco’s bowling alley, where one was killed and four were injured.State and region

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