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Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) —Russia and Ukraine, despite Moscow troops setting fire to Kyiv and other major cities to crush resistance that frustrated the Kremlin’s desire for a lightning-fast victory Both predicted optimism before another scheduled meeting on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Wolodimir Zelensky attended the US Parliament in a video and called on Pearl Harbor and 9/11 to plead with the United States for more weapons and stricter sanctions against Russia.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said Ukraine’s neutral military status was “seriously debated” by both sides as Moscow’s ground advance in the Ukrainian capital stagnated. He said Russia’s demand to end the war has become “more realistic.”

Kyiv residents flocked to homes and shelters in a curfew that lasted until Thursday morning as Russia bombarded the city and its surrounding areas. A 12-story apartment in central Kyiv burned after being hit by a shrapnel.

Russian troops also continued to attack Mariupol. Mariupol’s was attacked in almost every three-week war, afflicting people in search of food, water, heat and medicine, and forced to dig up in large numbers. Tomb.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Western sanctions on Russia, saying that operations in Ukraine have been “successfully followed strictly according to pre-approved plans.” He accused the West of “squeezing and putting pressure on us, trying to turn us into a weak dependent country.”

After admitting in the clearest words that Ukraine’s goal of joining NATO on Tuesday is unlikely to be achieved, expectations for diplomatic progress to end the war have risen. Putin has long portrayed Ukraine’s NATO aspirations as a threat to Russia.

Viklov welcomed Zelensky’s comments, saying that the “business-like spirit” that began to emerge at the meeting “hopes to agree on this issue.”

“Neutral status is being seriously debated in relation to security assurance,” Viklov told the Russian channel RBKTV. “In my view, there is a concrete formulation that is close to an agreement.”

Russia’s chief negotiator, Vladimir Putinsky, said the two countries are discussing a compromise for future Ukraine with smaller, non-aligned troops.

However, given the gap between Ukraine’s request for a complete withdrawal of the invading forces and Russia’s suspicious purpose of replacing Kyiv’s westward government with a pro-Moscow government, the prospects for a diplomatic breakthrough are highly uncertain. was.

Ukraine’s presidential adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, denied Russia’s claim that Ukraine was ready to adopt a neutral model comparable to Sweden and Austria. Podolyak said Ukraine needs strong allies and “well-defined security” to stay secure.

Another source of controversy is the situation in the Crimean crisis, which was seized and annexed by Russia in 2014, and in the Donbus region, which is owned by separatists in eastern Ukraine, which Russia recognizes as independent. Ukraine considers both parts of its territory.

While going to parliament, Zelensky said Russia “turned the Ukrainian sky into a source of death for thousands of people.” He appealed directly to President Joe Biden, saying, “Being a world leader means being a leader in peace.”

Biden resisted Zelensky’s request to send fighters to Ukraine or establish a no-fly zone above the country because of the danger of causing a direct war between the United States and Russia.

The United Nations estimates that more than 3 million people have fled the country in the fighting. The United Nations has confirmed that 726 civilians have been killed, but reported that the actual number was higher.

Peter Maurer, chairman of the International Committee of the Red Cross, has arrived in Ukraine to increase access to aid groups and strengthen the protection of civilians.

In the vast humanitarian crisis caused by the war, the Red Cross helped evacuate civilians from the besieged area and provided 200 tons of aid, including medicines, blankets, water and more than 5,200 body bags. did. Dignified attitude. “

Nowhere in the Sea of ​​Azov has suffered as much as Mariupol. Local officials say more than 2,300 people were killed in missile attacks and shelling.

The bodies are buried in trenches, and more corpses lie in the streets and basements of hospitals. Due to the lack of humanitarian aid in constant bombardment, people burn pieces of furniture to warm their hands and cook small foods that are still available.

About 30,000 people fled the city on Tuesday in thousands of vehicles via the humanitarian corridor, city officials said.

But local officials said Russian troops had taken hundreds of people hostage at Mariupol’s hospital and used it as a firing position. Officials said the military had pushed about 400 people from nearby homes into the community intensive care unit, using them and about 100 patients and staff as human shields.

Kyiv’s regional leader, Oleksiy Kuleba, said Russian troops intensified fighting on the highways connecting the outskirts and west of Kyiv, with endless firing of “kindergartens, museums, churches, residential blocks and engineering infrastructure throughout the metropolitan area. I have. “

According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, 10 people died while lining up in a row of bread in the northern city of Chernihiv.

Ukraine also seems to be successful, and the Associated Press-analyzed Planet Labs PBC satellite imagery shows helicopters and vehicles burning at Russia’s Kherson airport and air force base after a Ukrainian strike was suspected on Tuesday. Indicates that you are.

Meanwhile, the Prime Ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia returned to Poland after a dangerous train visit to Kyiv to show their support for Ukraine.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said a large amount of military equipment must be delivered quickly from as many countries as possible.

“We must recognize that (Ukrainians) fight for our independence and for our freedom,” Fiara said. “That’s why we traveled there, to show them that they aren’t alone.”


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The sparkle of hope seen at talks as Russia’s onslaught continues – Daily Local

Source link The sparkle of hope seen at talks as Russia’s onslaught continues – Daily Local

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