The seven new plays coming to Broadway this fall are by black writers. Is this a turning point in theater? | Entertainment

Broadway seems to be changing in the international social justice movement, which has taken more than a year to become a pandemic. Seven new plays, not including musicals, joined the lineup this fall and were written by a black playwright.

And that leads to a question: is this just a moment, or is it a persistent shift to a wider storyteller? “”Great White Way“”?? Notable works by Lorraine Hansbury (“Hay of the Sun”), August Wilson (“Fence”), Langston Hughes (“Murat”) and others are arguably the barriers to color playwrights. However, Broadway has been historic and overwhelmingly dominated. With a white voice.

“If this moment lasts, it’s the majority of the world’s artists themselves, because non-white artists are always left to the white audience, white producers, or the mercy and morals of white money. And that interest and its level of vulnerabilities and its level of focus are … declining and flowing, “said one of the new plays coming to Broadway,” Passover. ” Said Antoinette Chinonier Nuwandu, the dramatist behind.

Of course, given what happened last year, many people would be interested in black stories right now, Nwandu said, but she said blacks are always interested in black stories. It was.

“We need black producers to produce them,” she said. “We all want to see ourselves on stage.”

For Zylon Levingston, director of the Broadway Advocacy Coalition’s industry initiative and director of another new play, Chicken & Biscuits, that will hit Broadway this fall, this moment is “a great opportunity beyond all sorts of arrivals. “”

“It feels like this new moment of the season has emerged on Broadway, but it will be the beginning of a whole new era,” said Levingston. “And I don’t imagine Broadway being one of the eras of no progress in creating a fairer space than (a).”

I don’t know what Broadway will do at this moment or how these plays will be perceived, but Levingston said changes are beginning to be seen behind the scenes. He told CNN that there was a coordinated effort to ensure that Broadway was a place where stories of all kinds were told.

According to Levingston, some of these efforts are similar to those in other workplaces in the United States, such as diversity and anti-racism training requirements and policies. However, there is also further debate about how Broadway can reduce barriers to entry into positions like Produce.

Currently, Broadway producers have high barriers to entry, and there are certain rules set by the US Securities and Exchange Commission that govern the amount of money investors need to have. Changing those rules essentially means petitioning to change the law. Not surprisingly, most Broadway producers resemble the wealthy and white characters of The Nanny’s Maxwell Shefield.

But while these factors influence the story told on stage, things are changing. Levingston told CNN, for example, “Chicken & Biscuits,” featuring both new and long-time producers, as well as a cross-race production team. He said it was a rare collaboration.

This moment in the theater follows the claims to prolific Broadway and Hollywood producer Scott Rudin.The Hollywood Reporter’s April report claimed he had Orally and physically abused his staff For years at his production company.

This led to questions about a system that not only has a racially equitable system on Broadway, but also cares for workers in ways never before. For example, the actor involved in Nwandu’s play “Pass Over” has a wellness benefit because the play deals with police atrocities.

“None of us who are part of this moment do not think that we are under the illusion that we are working in a space shaped or created to address a particular need. “Levingston said. “There is a real opportunity for change to happen, but there is also a real opportunity for many wounds to last.”

Here are seven plays by black playwrights coming to Broadway this fall:

  • “Passover”-Written by Antoinette Chinonier Nuwandu and directed by Danya Taymor.
  • “Luckawan Blues”-Ruben Santiago Hudson Writer / Director
  • “Chicken & Biscuits”-Written by Douglas Lions and directed by Zylon Levingston
  • “The Thought of a Colored Man”-Written by Keenan Scott II and directed by Steve H. Broadnax III
  • “Mental Trouble”-Written by Alice Childress and directed by Charles Randolph Wright
  • “Clydes”-by Lynn Nottage, directed by Kate Whoriskey
  • “Skeleton Crew”-by Dominique Moriso, directed by Ruben Santiago Hudson

The seven new plays coming to Broadway this fall are by black writers. Is this a turning point in theater? | Entertainment

Source link The seven new plays coming to Broadway this fall are by black writers. Is this a turning point in theater? | Entertainment

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