The Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Sweat” is inspired by Reading, Pennsylvania.

Playwright who won the Pulitzer Prize twice Lynn Nottage Very busy for the past few months – now she has both new plays and new musicals on Broadway and a new opera at Lincoln Center. Last month I sat down with Nottage at her new comedy, the Haze Theater. Crise, Is running.She had time to chat before going to the preview performance MJ, The new Michael Jackson musical she wrote the script for.

“To be honest, I don’t sleep much,” she says with a laugh. “This is a dream,” she adds immediately. “My dream is to be deeply absorbed in making art and really busy doing what I love.”

Nottage has lived a dream since her play began to be performed in major theaters in the mid-1990s.On the way, her drama ruins When Sweat Each won the Pulitzer Prize, making her the first woman to win twice in this category.

“Lin is one of our most famous writers and I think she has three major skill sets,” he explains. Kate WollyskiDirected the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Crise.. “One is that she has a great personality and a great structure. And finally, I think she has the ability to see into the future more than anyone I know about what the world wants. “And she adds that what the world needs now is a carefree comedy, albeit with serious shadows.

Nottage explains Crise As a magical realism, it is said to be installed in both kitchens of sandwich shops When Limited space. All characters in the play were previously imprisoned, including store owners like the boss of hell.

Uzo AdubaBest known for the role of the Emmy Award-winning Sae Yamamoto “Crazy Eyes” Warren. Orange is new black, Plays a devilish clyde. She praises the selection of Nottage topics. “She did the very difficult thing of giving space to the often forgotten faces, voices and stories.”

When Nottage went to Reading, Pennsylvania to investigate Sweat, Her play about the hardships of blue-collar workers, she also spoke with many who are trying to revive their lives after leaving prison. that’s why, Crise Doing boring and repetitive work, they dream of a better future … and better sandwiches.

According to Nottage, comedy is about both mindfulness and the creative process. “Sandwiches are very simple, but you can assemble them in a way that makes the combination of these flavors very complicated,” she explains. “And I like to think of it as a metaphor for what we do as an artist.”

Nottage has recently expanded she Adapting her portfolio as an artist, her popular theatre Intimate apparel To the opera with a score by Ricky Ian Gordon.. Set at the turn of the last century is a black seamstress who longs to love himself and makes lingerie with customers, including Matron and Tenderloin prostitutes on Fifth Avenue. Nottage wrote this play when he found a picture of his great-grandmother while he was transferring his grandmother to dementia care shortly after his mother died.

“I realized that I had a lot of questions and no one could answer them,” she says. “It really broke my heart, and much of our history was lost and we, especially as African-American women, black women, because of the silence on the part of our relatives. It made me think a lot about their belief that the story wasn’t important enough to document. “

For this, Gordon was able to not only bring the intimate play to the essence, but also open it, as it was the first opera of Nottage, the two working closely together to open the world beyond. Awaken.

“”Rin is a very deep swimmer. You don’t have to worry if it gets there. Clarify that and grab the gizzard, “says Gordon. “And it’s hard to write music, so it’s the kind of writer you want to work with! And you really want to feel as if you’re going to Go there, I want the writer to go there. “

Nottage’s Trifecta’s final project is a musical featuring the back catalog of the late superstar Michael Jackson. She says his music was her personal soundtrack. “Through Michael Jackson’s songbook, I can track all of my emotional life,” says Nottage. “So I was very excited to find a way to bring those songs to life.”

She and her collaborators have decided to set up a musical for Jackson’s huge pre-1992 days. Danger A world tour as a starting point for King of Pop to look back on his life and career. “I was curious. How is someone who is the biggest star in the world trying to create something that reflects who he is and how he becomes a bigger star? Nottage explains. “We talk about it as a mixtape of his life.”

The tour was eventually interrupted by the beginning of coverage alleging Jackson’s drug addiction and child abuse.in the meantime MJ: musical Focuses on Jackson’s creative process, director / choreographer Christopher Wheeldon Admit the controversy surrounding the subject.

“Everyone brings their feelings, their thoughts on Michael, to the house,” says Wheeldon. “And I think that’s one of the things Lynn has been so successful in. It’s about creating this work of art that can breathe around these perspectives.”

During the pandemic, while the theater was suspended, and after George Floyd’s murder, Linnottage co-signed a document such as: “We See You White American Theater” Request a change in the system. Since Broadway reopened, many of the plays produced have been by black playwrights.

Nottage is optimistic … but “we must not allow ourselves to retreat,” she says. “And part of that responsibility lies with us as artists, and part of it lies with the producers and the people who work in the industry. But as the audience has to come out and support us, so too. I think I’m responsible. “

And for those who want to support it, the rest of the performance Crise Will be Livestreaming Throughout this weekend.

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The Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Sweat” is inspired by Reading, Pennsylvania.

Source link The Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Sweat” is inspired by Reading, Pennsylvania.

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