The Pros and Cons of Betting on Hockey

Penguins and Flyers


New hockey season might be miles away, but the fans should think ahead and prepare their predictions for the “Battle for Pennsylvania” in advance. There are hockey betting strategies and general tips that all bettors should consider without exception. You should not buy information about the progress of the match. Such information is often inaccurate and fraudulent. Calculating the right strategy is possible only after analytical activities. It is necessary to carefully study the predictions for the game described by other bettors. After that, it is essential to pick up the maximum amount of correct information about the previously held games, the fitness and condition of the team’s players. Compare the capabilities of the two opponents and conclude.

Several actions will allow you to assess the chances of each team winning correctly:

  • Thoroughly study the favourites of the game. It is no secret that the underdogs can defeat the favourites only if there are unforeseen difficulties on the leading team. For example, the star player is absent for some reason, or a substitute goalkeeper will come out on the ice. In this case, you can bet on outsiders or a plus handicap.
  • Be careful when estimating the chances of underdogs. For example, if a team is considered an outsider, a leading player is ill or goes on the ice after a severe injury. For this team, this situation means that players are guaranteed to play worse than usual. Bettors, calculating such a development of the case, can bet on the total or the handicap.
  • Remember that in the NHL, the main emphasis is on the show. In this case, the bet over will play perfectly.
  • A severe decline in the strength and confidence of the teams’ players is when the coach changes. A situation with a manager can unfold in several ways. Bettors might consider choosing that squad if the underdog team has replaced the coach since they can get some confidence in the first games under a new manager. Otherwise, if the swap happens in the top team, it is safer to bet on the total.
  • For newcomers who have decided to make their first bet in hockey, we recommended a demo account. This strategy will allow you to get the necessary experience and save your money from loss.

Depending on experience and information base can vary and the results of betting in bookmakers. Reviews, such as this one,, on Cryptobet bookmaker operator, helps to choose the best places to place bets. But, as with any game, there are advantages and disadvantages to hockey betting.

Pros of betting on hockey:

  • Hockey is a team sport. It’s no secret that betting on team sports, including hockey, has fewer risks than individual sports. It is hard to argue with the statement that guessing the victory or defeat of a friendly team is much easier than predicting the outcome of a competition in big tennis.
  • Frequent comebacks. In sports, the term comeback refers to such a phenomenon, when a team, losing in the course of the match, unexpectedly finds hidden forces and regains lost ground. As a result, the victory goes to the former outsiders. It is worth noting that the frequent cameos scare away novice bettors. But experienced players, on the contrary, try to take this fact into account and bet on high odds.
  • The speed of the game. This feature has a positive effect on betting during online betting. In live betting, it is possible to catch high odds due to the rapid development of the situation on the ice. Therefore, if the bettor is well versed in hockey and watches the online broadcast, he can make quite profitable bets.
  • A large number of games. The most popular for betting is the National Hockey League (NHL) and the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). In addition, games such as the championship of Finland, the Czech Republic, the AHL, Sweden, and so on are viral among viewers. We can conclude that there will be no shortage of games, neither in number nor in time. Due to a large number of games, bettors can better analyze the statistics of games played earlier. And as a result, they will be able to make more informed and profitable bets.


Cons of betting on hockey:


  • Limited line. There are very few betting shops that can give players a broad line on ongoing hockey matches. Most often, bookmakers allow betting on the primary outcomes, handicaps, and totals.
  • Relatively low level of maximum bet. Bookmakers, trying to insure themselves against severe financial losses in case of unforeseen results, set a low maximum possible bet. And such an approach to the point is intensely disliked by bettors.
  • High margin. According to statistics, hockey is not as popular with bettors as soccer or tennis. Well, that is if you do not take into account the World Cup. In this regard, bookmakers, counting on increased margins, are trying to reduce the odds. This situation does not please the players, so they do not bet on this sport.

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