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The proceedings cover Virginia’s policy on transgender students | National

Richmond, Virginia (AP) — A conservative, faith-based group filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging the new Virginia state guidelines for treating transgender students in public schools. ..

The proceedings filed by the Virginia Family Foundation, the Founding Freedoms Law Center, and Hanover County parents require the court to return the model policy to the State Department of Education for amendment.

The proceedings allege that the department did not respond appropriately during the public comment period to complaints that the policy violated the constitutional rights of students, teachers and parents. The policy addresses the prevention and response of bullying and harassment of transgender students and their participation in school activities.

The policy states that “access to facilities such as toilets and changing rooms that accommodate student gender identity shall be available to all students.” He also states that transgender students may use pronouns that reflect gender identity, and not speaking the student’s preferred pronoun can be considered harassment or discrimination.

“We maintain the concern that these guidelines will erase the protection of basic parental rights and the rights of physical privacy and security, even for our youngest students,” said the Family Foundation and Foundation. Victoria Cobb, chairman of the Center for Freedom of Founding, the Legal Department, said.

“The Virginia Constitution simply erases the basic right of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs simply because Virginia chose to dismiss those rights to carry out its own ideological agenda. We guarantee that it will never happen, “Cobb said. Press conference.

The proceedings do not deal with whether transgender girls should be allowed to compete in public high school girls’ sports teams. This has been controversial elsewhere in the country. Associated Press Survey More than 20 state lawmakers submitted a bill this year banning transgender girls from competing in teams of girls, but in almost all cases sponsors have a single case where such participation caused problems. Could not be found.

In Virginia, high school sports are governed by the Virginia High School League, so the model policy developed by the Ministry of Education does not support participation in sports. League rules allow transgender student athletes to play in teams that are different from their biological gender, but under certain circumstances they are consistent with the student’s gender identity. The rules require documents that confirm the student’s “consistent gender identity and expression.” The student principal must also submit a statement that the expression of the student’s gender identity is “honest and not intended to gain an unfair advantage in competitive athletics.” ..

Saravia, the mother of two children in the Hanover School District, may be forced to undress in her previous changing room when her 10-year-old daughter arrives in middle school next year under new policies. Of biological men who identify as women who have said they are concerned.

“Like most girls, she wants to be humble and choose when biological men can see their bodies. Biological men and school administrators. How appropriate is it to make that choice from her, “said Via, the plaintiff in the case.

“This policy has something to do with me because it deprives and undermines my authority over my children, my parents’ authority,” she said.

The General Assembly passed the bill in 2020, instructing the Ministry of Education to develop a model policy on the treatment of transgender students. Atif Qarni, Secretary of Education and Department, has been nominated as the defendant in the proceedings. A spokesman for a division refused to comment on the proceedings.

The proceedings were legally filed by the Parents and Family Foundation during the public comment period, including allegations that the policy violates the equal protection rights of non-transgender students and the rights directed by parents. The department’s review process hastily failed to address the objections, raising and educating their children. The proceedings also do not include religious exceptions or accommodation for faculty and students who “maintain legitimate religious lessons about the clear and complementary nature of men and women,” so the policy is religious freedom. Claims to violate.

Vee Lamneck, executive director of Equality Virginia, said guidelines are needed.

“We know that LGBTQ students in Virginia, especially young transgender people, face significantly higher discrimination and harassment not only from their peers but also from school staff. It’s an important step in the right direction to make schools more comprehensive so that all children feel safe, welcomed and valued, “Ramneck said in a statement.

Under the law, local boards of education are instructed to adopt policies that are consistent with or more comprehensive than the model policies developed by the state between 2021 and the beginning of the 22nd school year. I did.

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The proceedings cover Virginia’s policy on transgender students | National

Source link The proceedings cover Virginia’s policy on transgender students | National

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