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The proceedings against Jussie Smollett focus on how the “hoax” was unraveled.Whole country

Chicago (AP) — Prosecutor case To Jussie Smollett, the Chicago Police Department determined that what they initially believed was a horrifying hate crime, in fact a fake assault by a former “empire” actor with the help of two brothers. It focuses on what it says it did.

The testimony will continue in court on Wednesday and is expected to last for about a week.

Michael Teiss, the case’s chief investigator, said on Tuesday that his brother, who worked with Smollett on Chicago’s “Empire” set, detailed to police how the actor adjusted the hoax. They said Smollett told him to meet him “in the lowlands” in a text message, later paying for supplies, including a clothesline made on a rope, and taking him to a “dry run” before the January 2019 attack. Said he went.

Theis, now an assistant director of research and development at the Chicago Police Department, said about 20 detectives recorded about 3,000 hours in the investigation and argued. Statement of Defense Lawyer What they decided in a hurry. Police said they were excited when they were able to track the movements of two suspected attackers using surveillance videos and mobile phones, as well as records from ride-hailing services.

“This crime was a hate crime and a horrifying hate crime,” said Smoret, a black and gay man, who reported that the attacker had wrapped a rope around his neck and poured bleach. He said the case became national and international news and “everyone below the mayor” wanted to resolve it, a reference to then mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Defense lawyer Nene Uche said the brothers who were also involved in the “Imperial” set attacked Smollett because they hated Smollett because of “who he is”, and the brothers on Tuesday. Suggested that he was homosexual.

Smollett Will be charged In a felony chaotic act that made the prosecutor’s statement a fake police report. Class 4 felony can be sentenced to up to three years in prison, but experts say that if Smollett is convicted, he will be probated and perhaps ordered to provide social service.

After police arrested Brothers Abel Osundairo and Orabingo Osundairo, Smoret said he wanted to launch an attack because he was dissatisfied with how the TV studio handled the harassment mail received by the actor. He said investigators checked his brother’s account — an actor picked them up a few days before the attack, drove the downtown neighborhood where he lived, and talked about what would happen — and Video evidence confirming their version of the event using GPS and cell phone records. Police did not find an example in which they concluded that the man was lying, he added.

“Our investigation has determined that the alleged hate crime is actually a gradual event,” said Theis, who released the Osundylo brothers.

The jury was shown a surveillance video of the brothers buying supplies, including a red hat that Smollett police wanted them to wear to resemble the supporters of then-President Donald Trump. The jury also saw a still image from a video that Tyce said showed that Smollett had returned home on the night of the attack and had a clothesline on his shoulder. When the police arrived, the clothesline was wrapped around his neck, Tyce said, leading the detective to believe that Smollett might have withdrawn it.

Uche described the Osundairo brothers as unreliable and said they had found heroin and a gun when police searched their home. The brothers testify during the trial, but it is unclear if Smollett will testify.

Uche asked Tace about a cross-examination about the words of homosexual disgust used by one of his brothers. Theis said there was a message that included a slur, but he wasn’t sure if it would make men homosexual. Uche also asked Tace if he knew that one of his brothers had attacked someone in the television studio where the “empire” was filmed to be gay.

“One individual said it happened, but I don’t know it happened,” Tyce said.

Uche also suggested that he tried to undermine the credibility of the police investigation and ignored the possible leads of the detective. And he said, as the prosecutor claims, the $ 3,500 check paid by the actor to his brother was for personal training, not for performing hoaxes, but for preparing for the next music video. He said he could. The check notes are for “nutrition” and “training,” Tyce said.

Uche also suggests that a third attacker is involved. Police reported that residents of one area saw a white man with “auburn hair” who seemed to be waiting for someone that night. She told the detective when the man turned his back from her, “I could see something that looked like a rope hanging from under his jacket.”

Under cross-examination, Tace admitted that he had seen the statement, but did not send a detective to re-interview the woman. He said she had met the man hours before the attack and “the rope was a different color.”


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The proceedings against Jussie Smollett focus on how the “hoax” was unraveled.Whole country

Source link The proceedings against Jussie Smollett focus on how the “hoax” was unraveled.Whole country

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