The new dairy princess in Pennsylvania is from Berks County

The new 20-year-old Pennsylvania dairy princess, Mikaila Davis, embodies the struggle and resilience of Pennsylvania dairy farmers.

“I grew up on a Kutztown dairy farm that milked Holstein cows,” Davis said in an email. “We rented a farm, but unfortunately it didn’t work for our family, so we decided to sell our herd in 2010.”

But that didn’t mean that dairy was over for her.

She currently lives on a small farm in Reeseport, where her family continues to raise Holstein heifers. The daughter of Mike and Angie Davis, she has three younger brothers. She is a junior at Penn State World Campus and is studying agribusiness management. She has also been involved with her brothers Mohrsville Church, Ontelaunee Grange, a high school softball coach, and past members of the 4-H Dairy Club.

After graduating from Schuylkill Valley High School in 2019, he was chairman of the agricultural club, a member and captain of the basketball and softball teams, chorus and select chorus.

Mikaira’s mom, Angela Welly Davis, won the same title in 1996. They are the first mother-daughter duo to win the title of Daily Princess in Pennsylvania. Mikaira is familiar with dairy promotion. She was Li’l Dairy Miss in 2006-07, Dairy Ambassador in 2014-18, and Berks County Alternative Dairy Princess in 2018-19.

The dairy princess is an important leader in promoting dairy and the dairy industry throughout the state. One of the most famous activities of the dairy princess is to lead milk toast at events in the agricultural community.

“Some of the qualities needed to serve as a Pennsylvania dairy princess are to be calm, think for yourself, and gain knowledge of the dairy industry and dairy products,” said a member of the Burkes Dairy Promotion. Jennifer Coller said. Committee.

Mikaira was chosen in Blair County Pageant on September 25.. Twenty-three girls from Pennsylvania were competing for the title, Koller said. The girls participated in interviews, gave skits / presentations, gave speeches, submitted posters to promote the dairy industry, took a dairy knowledge test, presented a 30-second radio spot, and the county’s Daily Princess. I entered the scrapbook.

“The judges also interacted with the contestants throughout the weekend,” Coller said. “Mikaira was chosen as the winner in scrapbooks, posters, radio spots and knowledge tests. She was the runner-up for her skit / presentation and prestigious mention in her speech. Mikaira was a pageant. I was able to present her skit / presentation and her radio spot during. “

Also crowned on the pageant were Kelly Bliss of Huntington County as an alternative dairy princess in Pennsylvania and Crystal Bongardner in Lebanon County as an alternative dairy princess in Pennsylvania.

I asked Mikaira about the new title. Here’s what she said:

NS: What do you think of the new title?

NS: As I begin my journey as a Pennsylvania Dairy Princess, I am very honored to represent all 5,430 dairy farms throughout Pennsylvania. I had dreamed of this day since I was little, but it finally came true. The dairy industry is a huge part of my life and now I can share my passion and love for the industry with everyone.

NS: What are your obligations and responsibilities?

NS: Next year, we’ll travel Pennsylvania with another Kelly and Crystal to share dairy stories and remind everyone of the importance of dairy and the benefits of dairy in everyday life.

NS: Will this new position affect your obligations as a Berks County Daily Princess?

NS: I’m currently a dairy princess in Pennsylvania, but my obligations throughout Berks County are still ongoing. It is the grassroots level that has the greatest impact, and I believe it is very important to promote it locally and grow from it.

NS: What are your goals as a daily princess and what are you looking forward to?

NS: My hope this year is to close the gap between farmers and consumers. We want the public to know that farmers take good care of their land and animals and are proud to be able to provide healthy and nutritious milk. I also want to encourage young agricultural girls to follow their passions and pursue their dreams. I look forward to growing up as a young woman, becoming a leader in agriculture and making new memories.

Here is a photo gallery of Mikaila Davis

Berks County State Dairy Princess

Mikaila Davis is not the first state princess from Burkes. According to Jennifer Koller, a member of the Berks County Dairy Promotion Commission, she is actually the seventh state dairy princess.

The following is a list of past state dairy princesses in Berks County.
1963 Sharon Stout Gusto
1977 Sandi Miller Flyer
1989 Ammitchell Rollbach
1993 Jennifer Grimes
1996 Angela Welly Davis *
2014 Ashley Morne

Berks County has eight alternative milk replacers in Pennsylvania.
* Angela Werley Davis is Mikayla’s mom. They are the first mother-daughter duo to win the title of Daily Princess in Pennsylvania.

The new dairy princess in Pennsylvania is from Berks County

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