The murdered cinematographer’s husband’s angry Baldwin distracts blame | Entertainment

Los Angeles — The cinematographer’s husband, who was shot and killed on the set for the movie “Last,” said it was “ridiculous” to believe that Alec Baldwin wasn’t responsible for the shoot, and Baldwin was responsible. When I wasn’t, I was “very angry.”

Remarks made in an excerpt released on Wednesday Interview with the “Today” program The first official word from Matt Hutchins when his wife Halyna Hutchins died on October 21st.

“The idea that someone who fires with a gun isn’t responsible is ridiculous to me,” Matt Hutchins told “today” host Hoda Kot in an interview aired Thursday.

Baldwin said in a December interview In ABC News, he was pointing his gun at Halyna Hutchins at her direction on the Western New Mexico set when he fired untriggered, killed her and injured director Joel Souza.

“Looking at him, I felt very angry,” Hutchins said. “I was very angry to see him talking publicly about her death in a very detailed way, and to take no responsibility after saying he had killed her. . “

In his interview, Baldwin said, “Someone is responsible for what happened and I can’t say who it is, but it’s not me.”

Matt Hutchins added, “Gun safety wasn’t the only issue with the set.”

“There were some industry standards that weren’t put into practice, and there were multiple managers,” he said.

Matt Hutchins and his 9-year-old son are plaintiffs in a tort proceeding. It was submitted last week to nominate Baldwin, film producers and others as defendants.

Film producer Baldwin and his co-producer showed “cold” disregard in the face of safety complaints, claiming that their “reckless actions and cost-cutting measures” led directly to her death. ing.

Baldwin’s lawyer, Aaron Yan, replied that the allegations that the actor was reckless were “totally wrong.”

At least 4 other proceedings Despite being sued for shooting, Hutchins was the first shooter to be directly linked to one of the two.

Baldwin last month Turned over his cell phone To the investigator, and Dier told him he would continue to cooperate fully with the investigation.

Investigators described “some complacency” about how the weapons were treated in the “last” set. They say it’s premature to decide whether a claim will be made.

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The murdered cinematographer’s husband’s angry Baldwin distracts blame | Entertainment

Source link The murdered cinematographer’s husband’s angry Baldwin distracts blame | Entertainment

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