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The movie set showed “some self-satisfaction” with the weapon – Daily Local

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Santa Fe, New Mexico (AP) —Investigators said Wednesday that Alec Baldwin had “some complacency” in handling weapons in a movie set that accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer and injured others. However, it is premature to determine whether to be prosecuted.

Sheriff Adan Mendoza of Santa Fe County also said that while searching for a set of “rust” in the west, 500 ammunition (a combination of blanks, dummy ammunition and live ammunition) was found.

“Obviously, I think the industry has a record of being safe these days. I think there was some complacency in this set. The safety issues that the industry, and perhaps New Mexico, need to address. I think there is a problem, “Mendoza said at a press conference about a week after the filming took place during the rehearsal. , Killed cinematographer Harina Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

Detectives have recovered a lead projectile that the actor believes fired last week. Tests have been conducted to see if the projectile fired from Joel Souza’s shoulder was fired from the same long Colt revolver used by Baldwin. Officials said the other two guns confiscated included a single-action revolver that could have been modified and a plastic gun called a revolver.

Investigators said they would follow up on reports of other incidents, including a misfire with a gun on the set.

District attorney Mary Carmack-Altowis said investigators couldn’t say whether it was a fault or who committed it at this time.

Shooting has puzzled Hollywood experts and called for better regulation of the set’s firearms or a ban on firearms in the era of seamless computer-generated images. According to court records, the assistant director grabbed the gun from the cart and shouted “cold gun” to show that the weapon was safe.

The movie’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, said she checked the dummy bullets on the day of the shoot to make sure there were no “hot” bullets. She also told detectives that ammunition was left in an unsafe cart while the gun used to shoot was locked during the crew’s lunch break, according to a search warrant issued Wednesday prior to the press conference. rice field.

Gutierrez Reed told the detective that the live ammunition was not stored in the set.

Assistant director David Halls, who handed the gun to Baldwin before the shooting, said Gutierrez Reed usually opened the gun’s hatch and rotated the drum, but I can’t remember if he did it before the shooting. rice field. According to the warrant, he only remembers seeing three rounds in the gun.

After shooting, Halls took the gun to Gutierrez and said there were five bullets in the gun. At least four of them were “dummy” bullets, indicated by side holes and bullet caps. According to Halls, the gun had no cap, and some casings had no holes to indicate that they were dummy.

“David advised that the incident was not intentional,” according to a warrant issued Wednesday to search for the trucks used on the set.

Baldwin, 63, known for his roles in “30 Rock,” “The Departed,” and “The Hunt for Red October,” killed President Donald Trump at the time, along with his impression of “Saturday Night Live.” It explains as follows. “Tragedy accident”.

Carmack-Altwies told The Associated Press before the press conference that the investigation was still in its infancy and far from deciding whether to file a criminal accusation.

She said the people involved in the production are cooperating with law enforcement agencies and that prosecutors will not fully review the evidence until the initial investigation by the sheriff’s office is complete.

According to court records, Baldwin used one of three guns that the armorer placed in a cart outside the building where the scene was being rehearsed.

Standing behind Hutchins, Souza told investigators that live ammunition should never be near the scene.

Authorities seized three black revolvers, a gun belt with a holster, an ammunition box, a funny pack with ammunition, some used casings, clothing, and a cotton swab of what appears to be blood.

The production of “Rust” has been plagued by workplace conflicts since early October. A few hours before the shoot, several camera crews left the set in a conflict about working conditions, including safety procedures.

Baldwin, in his role as an actor, seemed unlikely to be held criminally or civilly liable for the tragedy. But as a producer, he’s on a long list of film buddies who may face some sort of responsibility.

In the last two productions, colleagues have raised concerns about the hall’s safety records. Halls does not return phone or email messages asking for comment.

Production company Rust Movie Productions says it is cooperating with the Santa Fe authorities’ investigation and conducting an internal review of its own procedures with production suspended.

The movie set showed “some self-satisfaction” with the weapon – Daily Local

Source link The movie set showed “some self-satisfaction” with the weapon – Daily Local

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