The library revives the annual “Brewster Hout” fundraising event

The Wilkes-Barre-Osterhout Free Library’s annual Brewster Hout annual rooftop party had an incredibly successful night on Friday.

According to Amber Loomis, head of library development and community relations, the library sold out all about 450 tickets, each for $ 25.

The annual rooftop party takes over the top floor of the parking garage at LCTA’s Intermodal Transit Center, where guests can eat and, as the name implies, beer and other drinks from some of the region’s most famous breweries. Allows you to check.

Loomis told reporters that it would be great to bring back an event that was overlooked last year to the 12th year.

“We were very excited to come back because we couldn’t get it because of COVID last year,” she said. “This is a way to raise awareness of the library, but we want to introduce and emphasize all the great restaurants in the area, so the celebration is really about them too.”

And the event certainly highlighted many companies, with over 30 food and beer vendors offering products to host the party. Food vendors included everything from Amberdonia bakeries to Eden Franco pizzerias to Vesuvius pizzerias.

The beer was provided by 2 Dogs & A Guy Brewing, Benny Brewing Co., Breaker Brewing Co., Susquehanna Brewing Co. and donated by Northeast Eagle Distributors.

And it wasn’t just food and beer. Guests were able to try ax throwing thanks to Ax Attack and hear the lively musical mix provided by DJ Josh Beats.

Loomis said events like Friday are very important to the library and will help provide important resources, including those you might not have thought of.

“When we think of libraries, we think of very important resources, books and DVDs,” she said. “But there’s still a lot to do in the library. For example, we’re currently checking (WiFi) hotspots for patrons … and individuals can use them to pay invoices, apply for jobs, go to college. It’s a really proven resource for the community because we’re applying for it. “

Managing Director Richard Miller was willing to talk to reporters despite throwing wine and martini at his patrons, but agreed to Loomis that these events were essential.

“About one-third of our budget is based on funding, donations, donations, etc.,” he said. “The library needs to raise a lot of money because it is not as lucky as a library that can get the strong support of the local government.”

If you are looking for more information on library resources on how to make some of these important donations, please visit

The library revives the annual “Brewster Hout” fundraising event

Source link The library revives the annual “Brewster Hout” fundraising event

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