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The leader of the Idaho National Guard dismisses lt.Governor’s request | Nationwide

Boise, Idaho (AP) — Commander of the Idaho Guard told Republican Lieutenant Janice McGeachin on Tuesday that the army could not be activated to send to the US-Mexico border.

In a letter to McGeetin, Maj. Gen. Michael J. Fox stated that seeking help from border states earlier this year involved law enforcement, not the National Guard.

Republican Governor Brad Little announced on Monday that he will go to the Texas-Mexico border to meet with nine other Republican governors on Wednesday about concerns about how President Joe Biden deals with border issues. bottom.

McGeetin is acting governor while Little is out of state.

“As of Wednesday, my constitutional authority as governor gives me the power to rejuvenate the Idaho National Guard,” McGeetin said in a letter sent Tuesday morning and obtained by the Associated Press. Told Garshak. “As Deputy General, the Governor is asking you for information on the steps required to activate the National Guard.”

Garshak replied in one paragraph on Tuesday afternoon.

“I’m unaware of requests from Texas or Arizona for assistance from the Idaho National Guard under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC),” Garshak wrote to McGeachin. “As you know, the Idaho National Guard is not a law enforcement agency.”

In June, a team of Idaho police soldiers were dispatched to the border to assist in gathering information and investigating drug cross-borders.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey have called for assistance under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, which empowers states to assist other states in the event of a disaster or emergency.

“On September 24, I spoke with the office of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas, who identified the need for additional resources to help with our southern border situation.” McGeetin told Garshak.

McGeetin’s office on Tuesday did not respond to requests for comment.

McGeetin announced in May that he would run for governor and challenged the incumbent Little. In Idaho, the governor and vice-governor do not run on the same ticket.

McGeetin is on the far right of the conservative state’s political spectrum. In May, when Little went out of state, she issued an executive order banning Maskman Date, which she eliminated when Little returned, saying it was best to leave the Maskman Date decision to local authorities. I have rarely issued a mask man date.

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The leader of the Idaho National Guard dismisses lt.Governor’s request | Nationwide

Source link The leader of the Idaho National Guard dismisses lt.Governor’s request | Nationwide

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