The heat left after seeing red was the case of the “white hot” color bind – Reading Eagle

So how did White Hot make the Miami Heat red with a series clinch victory over the Atlanta Hawks at the FTX Arena on Tuesday night? Playoff themes may be able to create color bindings.

For Game 5 of the opening round, Heat played at home in a statement edition red uniform, and the Hawks he visited wore white in the middle of Heat’s whiteout.

As Heat’s Vice President Michael McCullough explained to Sun Sentinel, the intent behind the “White Hot” campaign is primarily designed as an immersive fan experience.

“Red uniforms have a specific meaning within the organization, and we always want to give the team the flexibility to wear what they want,” McCullough said.

Such a decision is a collaboration between basketball operations and the team’s marketing department. Basketball operations may alternate after losing or losing streaks in a particular color scheme. In 2018, the alternative jersey was abolished after the home suffered a series of losses since the team’s black Vice Nights.

At the time, heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, “I’ve done this as an organization when wearing red uniforms just to change the dynamics.”

In the opening round series with the Hawks, Heat wore a white association edition uniform in the first two home games, a black icon edition uniform in Game 3 in Atlanta, and a white association edition again in Game 4. Did.

Then Game 5 came out and home fans looked red.

“Of course, we love it when they’re wearing” home “white jerseys,” McCullough, described by Heat as a “brand architect,” about the organizational department. I am saying. What the fans are wearing. “

The home team gets the first choice of uniform style for each game, and the NBA clears the approved palette of opposite uniforms for the road team to consider from their annual inventory.

That’s why Heat has the option to play in white, red, black, or this season’s “Miami Mashup” jersey.

“The team has all the uniforms available as an option to wear in the playoffs,” McCullough said. “Hometown is still a guiding rule, so if you’re a road team, you have to choose accordingly.”

Heat will host Games 1 and 2 (and Games 5 and 7 as needed) in the semi-final series of the Eastern Conference on Monday at the FTX Arena.

Playoff ticket

Tickets for the Best of Seven Playoffs series in the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the Heat will continue to be on sale, and the team will host games 1 and 2, and potential games 5 and 7.

There is a 4 ticket limit for each household and game.The ticket was purchased at When

Fans who purchase tickets for unplayed games will be automatically refunded by Ticketmaster, including fees (excluding UPS and retail pickup fees). If a fan buys a ticket at a retail store, you can secure a refund by returning the ticket for the unplayed game at the same retail store where the ticket was originally purchased.

All heat home playoff games are mobile-only entries via the team’s app. And / or the Ticketmaster app.


The heat left after seeing red was the case of the “white hot” color bind – Reading Eagle

Source link The heat left after seeing red was the case of the “white hot” color bind – Reading Eagle

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