The Harrisburg Republican Party, empowered by a referendum, moves to end some (but not all) of Wolf’s pandemic power

Governor Tom Wolf wears a mask during a briefing at Harrisburg’s Pennsylvania Emergency Management Headquarters. Source: Commonwealth Media Services

Republicans in the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania approve an urgent declaration of Democratic Governor Tom Wolf in line with party policy in a committee vote on Tuesday, using the powers approved by voters in a referendum a week ago did.

These new emergency authority changes will take place after voters have given 253 general assembly the authority to terminate or edit the governor’s authority in the event of a disaster. Approximately 53% of Pennsylvania voters supported this measure.

resolution, Create House majority leader Kerry Benninghoff of R-Centre prevented Wolf from closing the business again, issuing a stay-at-home order and lowering building occupancy restrictions if the number of cases increased again.

The first two haven’t been implemented for several months, but the latter will expire next Monday.

Legally edited disaster emergencies also prevent governments from signing bid ban contracts or waiving unemployment allowance labor requirements.

Once these restrictions are enforced, the disaster declaration will be extended until October 1st, prohibiting further legislative action.

In the statement, Wolf voted “Disappointing development” after voters gave the General Assembly “tremendous responsibility”.

A press release informed him of the vote, Wolff added — many Republicans complained about the Wolf administration’s own pandemic management.

Overall, 26,700 Pennsylvanians Died COVID-19 since the pandemic began to spread in March last year. To limit the damage, Wolf and the governor of both parties across the country closed the business and issued a stay-at-home order.

The combination of fatal illness and the economic uncertainty of government closure has left millions of people lost jobs and raised the complaints raised by legislative Republicans.

The conference will take place a year and three days after House begins its first attempt to conquer Wolf. House of Representatives voted by committee on May 21, 2020 Advanced A resolution to completely end Wolf’s disaster emergency.

The resolution passed the House of Representatives and the Senate. However, the Supreme Court ruled that without a constitutional amendment, the resolution would not have been sufficient to end a disaster emergency. As a result, the majority of Republicans sought constitutional amendment.

Congressmen have made two amendments to the ballot. Allowing a simple majority vote to terminate disaster declarations and limiting those declarations to 21 days without legislative approval. Both passed last week.

Some more conservative Republicans expressed total discomfort with Wolff’s continued emergency power during the meeting and suggested that they provide amendments on the floor.

“After going to vote and talking to voters at home, they didn’t vote to end this October 1st. They didn’t vote to end tomorrow,” R said. -Lebanese Rep. Las Diamond said. .. “They resolved to end this on May 18, and they were anxious to appear to end this.”

But even after months of opposition to Wolf’s executive branch, Republican leaders said they would only partially limit Wolf’s power.

“At least on paper, emergencies need to be underway, which gives us some flexibility in school regulations, health checks, and even federal funding,” he said. Brian Cutler, Speaker of the House of Representatives R-Lancaster, said.Was told CBS 21 Last week in Harrisburg.

There is still work to be done. The General Assembly may also decide to permanently suspend or restore any of the 498 regulations suspended by the Wolf administration during the pandemic.

Of those, the Wolf administration recommended rewriting 62 or abolishing it altogether. Most people adapt state regulations to the era of zoom conferences, from adapting doctor licenses to the requirements of continuing education in online classes to enabling virtual kennel testing.

In most cases, Republicans claim that the state has proved that it can afford to reduce regulations from its books. This is a long-standing conservative goal that creates conflicts with state unions and environmental groups.

However, this resolution will soon restore one rule: exempt job search requirements for individuals receiving unemployment benefits.

Under this rule, those who receive unemployment allowance prove that they are engaged in “job search activities” such as applying for two jobs each week and attending job fairs to receive unemployment allowance. is needed.

Lawmakers temporarily suspended the requirements from March to December 2020. Wolf then used emergency privileges to suspend the requirement again.

Labor Industry Secretary Jennifer Belier announced on Monday that the administration would regain search requirements in July. But Republicans questioned waiting another week.

“I don’t know why July is a magical day, not June,” said Jim Cox, chairman of the House Labor Industry Commission, R-Barks. Said Capital star.

Other changes are underway elsewhere in the General Assembly.Approved by House Health Committee Curved side delivery Of medical marijuana on Monday. And the Senate is pushing for a bill to extend the exempted health regulations for another year.

In a letter to lawmakers, three medical unions, including SEIU HealthCare, opposed the proposal, arguing that “facility managers give accountability and a free pass to operate without high quality standards.”

More changes may be made in the future after the General Assembly has completed a review of the exempted regulations.

“We need to check the 140-page regulation, which will take some time,” Benninghoff told Capital Star on Monday.

Staff reporter Marley Parrish contributed to this story.

The Harrisburg Republican Party, empowered by a referendum, moves to end some (but not all) of Wolf’s pandemic power

Source link The Harrisburg Republican Party, empowered by a referendum, moves to end some (but not all) of Wolf’s pandemic power

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