The Golden Rules For A Clean Car


A car is like a second home to many, spending hours of our lives driving from place to place. No one wants to stay in a dirty home, so that should be the same mindset when it comes to your car. Having a cleaning routine is definitely the best way to maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness but keeping to the plan might be a struggle for some. Therefore, we’ve handpicked 20 golden rules you should abide by if you want to want your car spotless without doing much work:

1.   Care for Mats

The first rule of keeping your car clean is to always have car mats. If you’re looking to purchase good-quality ones, check out this car mat company! What’s more, we also encourage everyone to clean their car mats regularly. First, vacuum the mats to remove debris and spray some stain remover, then put them in warm soapy water.

2.   No food in the car

The convenience of eating inside the car does sound tempting but refraining from doing so can save you hours of clearing up the mess. Not to mention the food crumbs that attract pests, or the food odour that lingers in your car will now be extra problems you have to settle. Hence, we believe that prevention is better than cure — save that burger until you’ve reached your destination!

3.   Clean up immediately

The best policy is still to refrain from eating when you are in the car. But if that fails and something spills, the next best thing is to clean it up as soon as possible.

4.   Prepare a rubbish bag

Having a dedicated rubbish bag in your car gives you somewhere to dispose of any unexpected leaking items before the mess gets worse.

5.   Beware of your footwear

It’s a good practice to give your footwear a cleanliness check before stepping into your car. That pair of shoes might have saved you from wet grass but the dirt it brings along will surely be a hassle to get rid of. If you are bound to get your shoes dirty, consider purchasing rubber floor mats to collect all the dirt.

The Golden Rules For A Clean Car

6.   Clear the air

A dirty cabin air filter is usually the main culprit when it comes to bad smells in the car. We encourage you to bring it for servicing regularly to remove the junk hiding in the filter. Alternatively, running your car’s air conditioner on full speed at max heat for several minutes once every 2 weeks helps to dry out all the condensation water at the bottom of the air conditioner unit to prevent odour.

Aside from the filter, remember to pay some attention to your air conditioner vents too! Bring a small handheld vacuum that can suck up all the dust and dirt. For narrow spaces, we suggest using a paintbrush or foam brush to clean.

7.   Pay attention to your cupholders

When was the last time you checked up on your cupholders? They have been withstanding the random spills, condensation and the occasional carelessness and it’s time we give them a good wipe. Dip a cotton bud into a mixture of water and cleaning solution to scrub the gunk off!

8.   Wipe & polish

It is a good practice to keep some cleaning wipes in your car, so you can give the vehicle a well-deserved wipe whenever you want. Try using upholstery wipes as they contain light condition agents, helping to preserve your surfaces in pristine condition.

9.   Cleaning vinyl

Magic erasers will be your best friend when removing stubborn, dried-on dirt from vinyl and leather surfaces. For a more serious case of dirt, you can scrub them with a toothbrush after dipping them into diluted dish soap.

10. Cushion makeover

Cushion tends to collect dust, crumbs and other random things hidden within the seams of your seats. By taking a fine-bristled brush or toothbrush, get these little bits out for a smoother vacuuming process

11. Polish the dash

A clean rag with a little bit of baby oil does the job to make your dashboard look as dashing as before. Try this trick on leather surfaces too


12. Wash your seats

All you need is a diluted all-purpose cleaner, a scrub brush or washcloth and a lot of arm strength to do this job. Remember to use a white or un-dyed washcloth to prevent colours from bleeding into your upholstery. Another alternative will be to hire a wet upholstery cleaner to help you get the job done.

13.Travelling with furry friends

Laying down blankets or a pet hammock across your backseat helps to avoid the pet furs from sticking to your upholstery. Additionally, it helps to bring a distinct pet smell along with it.


14.  Windscreen wipers

Streaking windscreen wipers can cause a lot of headache. If it’s too early to replace them, try using rubbing alcohol and paper towels to wipe them down and that should help.

15.No more cloudy headlights

Toothpaste is a mild abrasive, so dirt and grime come off easily. Squeeze a tiny bit of it onto a clean cloth then scrub the headlights for a cleared up headlights.

16. Remember the top of the windows

Start the window cleaning process with it rolled down halfway so as to clean the top parts of the window that often gets neglected.

17.  Wax the car up

Waxing your car helps to create a barrier between the painted layer and airborne contaminants.

Not just that, this extra layer helps to protect it from damage and also fill in shallow scratches. Additionally, friction between the car and debris is further reduced and concurrently prevents paint chips from coming out.

18.  Dry your Grille

Dead and dried bugs have always been a headache to remove from the car’s bumper and grille. By wetting everyday dryer sheets with some warm water, it will remove these pests easily (and better than those commercial bug removal products)


19.  A regular washing schedule

The road to a clean car can be achieved by sticking to a consistent routine to wash your car. Whether you are washing it yourself or paying for a car wash, having a schedule ensures that your car will never be dirty again.

20.  Make your own air freshener

Save some coins by making your very own non-toxic air freshener. In a small mason jar, fill a quarter of it with baking soda then add five drops of essential oil of your choice. Once you’re done, cover the jar with a breathable fabric (e.g. lace) then screw the lid ring and give it a good shake. This homemade air freshener should last you six weeks or so.

The Golden Rules For A Clean Car


Keeping your car clean from gunk is actually not a difficult task. In fact, it’s the small things (e.g. wiping surfaces when you have the time) that plays a big difference. By keeping these 20 golden rules in mind, you can also pick up 20 crucial and useful habits to help keep the car spotless.

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