The former police chief complained after the shooting.How to help Ukraine; 76ers roll past the bulls

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This is the only warmth. Today, when the maximum temperature reaches about 42 degrees Celsius, it will return to cold. It may snow a little later.

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Anthony Paparo filed a discriminatory proceeding over firing from Aidon police station

As he said, exiled Yeadon Borough police chief Anthony “Chachi” Paparo sued in federal court last month for being a victim of racial prejudice for dismissing him in a four-to-three vote by Congress. Woke up. In the proceedings filed by lawyer Harold Goodman, Sharon Council-Chairman Harris, Vice-President Leelin Johnson, Acting President Tomeka Jones-Chairman Waters, and Councilor Carlet Brooks nominated the autonomous region as defendants. There is. Council-Neither Harris nor Solicitor Mark of the Aidon Autonomous Region responded to requests for comment on Monday.

A former West Chester University student sentenced to nine months in prison for sexual abuse

A former West Chester University student sexually molested a female friend in a dorm room and will spend the next nine months in prison under the supervision of Chester County Court officials when she needs a place to sleep. It will be. But any punishment that Daniel Garcia would receive in the coming months and years could have been far worse.

Norristown teen accused of deadly shooting loses juvenile court bid

A teenager in Norristown, accused of deadly shooting a woman allegedly mishandled firearms in a victim’s borough residence, lost his bid to move his case from an adult criminal court to a juvenile court. rice field. Victor Thomas Bell Jr., now 17 of the 100 blocks on West Fornance Street, will continue to be charged with murder in an adult criminal court, according to a ruling by Judge William R. Carpenter of Montgomery County. ..

How to help Ukraine in Montgomery County

Organizations and churches based in Montgomery County participate in ways in which locals can play their part in helping the war-torn Ukrainians. United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc. Launched an online fundraising campaign in which 2,700 people donated $ 339,548 to “humanitarian aid to victims of war in Ukraine.”

Ursinus College Appoints Woman as 19th President

Robin E. Hannigan, now President of Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, has been appointed by the Ursinus Board to become the 19th President of Ursinus College. She begins on July 1, 2022. Hanigan will be the first woman to be nominated as President of Arsinus, following the first female interim president, Jill Rover Marsteller, and the former senior vice president of promotion, who is currently interim president until June 30. ..


Villanova Head Coach Jaylight shouted in the first half of the NCAA College Basketball match against Providence on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 in Villanova, PA (AP Photo / Laurence Kesterson).

College Basketball: Jay Wright is happy with Villanova when the Big East tournament begins

Villa Nova is no wonder to play in front of a large crowd in a hostile environment. Wildcats has played in front of more than 17,000 fans at Clayton, over 15,000 at UConn, nearly 14,000 at UCLA, and over 12,000 at Marquette this season. None of them are comparable to playing in the Madison Square Garden in the Big East Tournament. “Big East is one of the best tournaments in the country,” said forward Jermaine Samuels after defeating Butler last Saturday.

Sixers Notebook: Doc Rivers coach is trying to mitigate the blow to Ben Simmons’ potential house call pending

The clocks were all zero, the festive theme song was blown across the Wells Fargo Center, and Monday’s Sixers defeated the Chicago Bulls 121-106. That meant two things. One: They made a statement to their peers at the Eastern Conference. 2: We couldn’t avoid a discussion about what would happen next. Brooklyn Nets arrives on Thursday and Ben Simmons will be at the Wells Fargo Center. This is the first loss after the season after losing to the Atlanta Hawks in Season 7.

Yo, fans are happy to see at least a little mayhem from the Flyers

Mike Yeo may not be as long as Alan Vinho, the former sacrificial head coach of the Flyers, but while Yo was a veteran NHL coach and knew what Vinho’s assistant coach was, He just hit his face figuratively … these flyers didn’t hit almost anyone, no matter where and when they were counted.

The former police chief complained after the shooting.How to help Ukraine; 76ers roll past the bulls

Source link The former police chief complained after the shooting.How to help Ukraine; 76ers roll past the bulls

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